6 Responses to “Profile”

  1. Zainal Yan Says:

    Well done Rahman Teoh. I have enjoyed reading all your postings that I have gone through so far. Wish that I have known about your blog earlier. Nowadays my eyes get strained very fast when reading even with new reading glasses on.

    • Thank you sir.
      You are most welcome SIR.
      Am glad there is someone out there reading my Stories!
      Just to share my feelings and thoughts.
      I may be dead wrong with what I am saying and storying!
      Alas, it is just my personal views of things happening in our beloved country and in this world!

  2. Zainal Yan Says:

    If I dont agree with your views, I will certainly voice it out. So far I felt I agree with all of them. Keep writing

  3. Major Hashim Sim (Retired) Says:

    Brother, rather accidentally to discover your blog. The last we met was in Tanahmas Hotel,Sibu . You were with NTV7 n I was tasked doing some donkey job ( LO ) for visiting general. That was in early 2002 before I decided to end all the treatment n miseries as a ‘ 2nd class,Sarawakian half chinese/melanou RRD officer ‘. Just want to let you know I am still kicking around strongly. Best regards and may God bless you n family.

    • Asa la mu alaikum Brother, its nice to hear from YOU! Dont be sad my friend we know who we ourselves are and what we are capable of doing! Lets move on with our lives, thats is more important, we cari rezeki yang halal for ourselves and family. Will get to Sarawak one day and do some catching up with you. I was in Sibu before ramadhan was there for fishing in Lucornia Shoals. It is about 20 hours from Sibu! What business are you doing now?
      We are considered 2nd class citizens!
      What to do UMNO and BN are the Tuan’s of this land!
      Educate the young and orang hulu to vote and pangkah PAS/DAP/PKR!

      We must change the Govt, otherwise we will suffer forever!
      Ghadafi is DEAD, let them think abit, if they think they can rule forever…that is the END game for them!



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