The Ramadhan

July 4, 2014

Fasting during the month of Ramadhan brings out a lot of goodness & weakness in the human being, he is to curb all his urges fro eating ,drinking, sex and bad thoughts.

It is the cleansing of the SOUL, that 30 days is to cleanse oneself, a chance given by Allah swt the Almighty.

Instead we have today around all of us extra ordinary events, extravagant meals which even KINGS don’t enjoy!

The food Bazaars spring up every-time all over the country. its called the “Pasar Ramadhan”! It sells every imaginable good one can think of, in this country, and people throng it as early as 4pm.

They buy from stall number 1 to the very last stall, and you know what 3/4 of the purchased foodstuff is thrown away, WHY?

Because when the human fast, their urge to gorge and eat everything in front of their eyes, that is only through their eyes, in reality one glass of water and one “Kueh”, and you are flat out already!

How much can one stomach in one sitting, lets be frank, all is wasted, and yet the religion says, Prudence in everything!

How sad, people do not understand what is Fasting all about, its the experience that The Almighty wants us to endure every year, to remind ourselves there are about 2 billion people who are under privileged as far as food is concern!

Yes 2 billion people in this world suffer from lack of food & nutrition!

Good Catch

Good Catch

Jemuduk Party 2012

June 11, 2013


Horse Riding

June 11, 2013

Easy Does It

Easy Does It

The World Today

June 11, 2013

The shift in power seems inevitable from military and economic sense throughout this current times.

China came from nowhere and look what happens today, the US President has to engage the newly appointed head of state and he means serious business about their ties and future of US itself.

China does not depend on anyone currently, it is such that their own internal markets itself can generate consumers enough to move its economy, but we know that they also rely on exports to keep things moving. They say that the Chinese market has reached its peak and will eventually collapse one day, we shall see.

The situation in the Mid-East is unsettled, with Syria still fighting into its 3rd year of internal conflict and the Libyan Govt has yet to resolve its issues with the militias still running part of the country.

Iraq is on the brink of another internal strive, whereas Iran seems to be leading towards a new leadership change! Whether it is good or bad news for the region s left to be seen.

Europe is in for a very wet weeks to come, reports say the are getting wetter by the day, never have this region seen so much rain and so much water for a very long time. It is all because of human hands and the effects of global warming, and yet nobody is serious about curbing carbon emissions and stopping large scale deforestation  worldwide.

Humans will destroy themselves surely.


Syndrome Boss Always RIGHT

January 30, 2013

This is a classic example of the Malaysian Culture, and it does apply to some countries too. So, we are not alone in this issue.

Speak the truth and you shall be paying for IT!
However, there are still some good men & women left in this world who will dare to be different, it is always the minority.

They will speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be, so help them GOD Almighty!
It is just simple each and every human form, life form to the smallest of amoeba has his or her dues, it is not humans
that gives us life and takes it away.

Neither can they do us any harm if the Almighty Forbids!

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