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August 19, 2010

Ikan Baung

Cikgu Zahari & Baung @ Rompin

Lubuk Rompin

Patin Buah – Lubuk Rompin

Lubuk Rompin

Biggie – At Rompin
Me & Son @ Pulau Tukun Perak

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Angling & Adventure Tours: All interested can come visit my site, the past and current features of my excursions into  the deep jungles and blue seas all around our lovely country and also around the world.

Places which holds potential for a great angling & adventure outing are:

Deep Seas Outing

a. Pulau Jarak – off Pulau Sembilan, in Pangkor, Perak.

Small Kids Big CatchSuccess Story@Rompin

Tours organized are 3 days & 2 nights, full package strictly for angling only.

b. Terengganu Oil Rigs – take off from Besut. Minimum of 5 days & 4 nights, for angling only.

Good Fun

Fit for the Table@Oil Rig Tganu

The big game fishes are not fit for the table, the best table fish is the ones caught and landed with own skill and strength, like the ones I am holding!

Eat & Sleep a Must

Calm Seas@Oil Rigs


REDS - Best Catch@Oil Rigs

Deep Jungles Outing

c. Lake Kenyir, Terengganu – Floating Water Chalets – 3 days & 2 nights good for fishing, trekking, bird watching and BIG game watching.

Sungei Petuang

The good angling and animal & bird watching never seems to tire me, every time is a new experience, the water level changes everything out there, the birds, the butterflies, the insects and off course the big game too!

Big One

Sebarau in Low Water@Kenyir

The Herd

Feeding Time@Kenyir

Relaxing & Feeding

Wild Herd of Petuang@Kenyir

What a scene

Living Free@Kenyir

Master and Mate

Close Encounter

d. Rompin Jungles, Pahang – Floating water chalet – 3 days & 2 nights good for angling, bird watching & trekking.

The beauty of Sungei Rompin and its Giant Udang Galah, never fails to create a positive impression on visitors like me!

e. Lake Kenering, Perak – Floating water chalet for animal & bird watching, angling & jungle trekking.

For the benefit of the other readers and potential anglers, this is the Bahasa Malaysia version.

Khas Untuk Semua Kaki Pancing Negara Ku!

Saya sediakan khidmat untuk kaki pancing ke laut dalam dan juga ke hutan tercantik negara ini. Bukan memancing sahaja, tetapi juga untuk beriadah dan alami keunikan hutan belantara negara ini, sesuatunya hutan tertua di bumi ini!

Package Laut Dalam:

a. Pulau Jarak – 3 hari & 2 malam.

b. Pulau Aur – 3 hari & 2 malam.

c. Pelantar Minyak, Terengganu – 5 hari & 4 malam.

Package Ke Hutan: Mancing, Trekking & Hayati Binatang

a. Rumah Rakit Tasik Kenyir – 3 hari & 2 malam. Ikan air tawar pelbagai spesis. Aktiviti ‘Bird Watching’ & Lawatan ke pulau dan air terjun.

b. Rumah Rakit Rompin – 3 hari & 2 malam. Mega Saiz Udang Galah &  Ikan sungei pelbagai spesis.

c. Rumah Rakit Tasik Kenering – 3 hari & 2 malam. Ikan air tawar, ‘bird watching’ dan trekking dalam hutan.

Water Chalet

Rompin@Home is where one lays his head

That is the 2nd home in Rompin!

The Ikan Kelabau of Rompin

The Bunk in Rompin