Train the Trainers

October 26, 2010

The importance of training is never more evident now than before, at this juncture, the world and nation needs good heads and hands!

For any organization to succeed, it needs good leaders, planners and executives, and most of all good trainers to hone their skills and sharpen their knowledge!

Teaching and learning is a life long process, it never ends!

We are all here to lend a helping hand and help make it happen.



Consultancy & Training

August 19, 2010

What the customer need & wants!

What the customer need & wants!

INSPEKA - 2010


Cave in FELDA Terkam, JerantutCave in FELDA Terkam, Jerantut

Jungle Course

Jungle Course

fORTE is in training people to better themselves and their skills in surviving!
Team Building – create the best environment to work.
Leadership – identify, select & mold potential leaders.
Tutoring and Mentoring – analytical thinking and problem solving.
Thesis preparation and research.
Sharpening English Language Skills – reading, writing & spoken.