April 1, 2017

The Spy Stories

If the North was kind of a play-ball gesture, they would have said: “Give us one reason for cooperating and agreeing to the terms stipulated”!

At the end nothing could be done, either you give us everything or else the 9 will just disappear for good. Do they care and have to think twice in giving-in to demands as far as international community and norms are concerned?

Do they give 2 hoots what the world think of them, has any economic sanctions worked against that regime. Who are their big brothers are these years, who backs them up against the superpowers that surround them from the south and north?

They took back the dead body, they took back all their staff ( embassy and others who claimed to be) involved from day 1. The so called prime suspects and master minds in the assassination plot are all back in their capital.

The workers in Sarawak mines are still a mystery till today, are they allowed to leave or have they left?

Now, the biggest question left unanswered is why did the 2 women killed or planned that “Random Act” to be in a so called “reality show” gimmick as promised with RM450.00 only, going by the news and media reports from Government sources.

The Police were ready to wait for 5years “if need be to arrest and to question the duo who was alleged to be hiding inside the embassy walls, the so called master-minds to the plot”! They have political immunity once inside the 4 walls as in any international agreement as far as embassies are concerned!

Now, since everyone is home and free, the 2 ladies or women held in custody awaiting trial, what is their fate, can they be represented accordingly by lawyers, can they have visitation by their foreign officials in KL?

What is their real motive, the actual story behind the plot?

There was so many speculation right from day 1.

Who is the deceased, is he the half-brother, real brother, same father different mother and elder brother? Going by stories in the net, all other brothers from the same father dare not claim the title and throne when the old man KIM JONG ILL passed away. So little brother was the only heir apparent, for reasons best known to the world, the western pro media to US says he is the most unpredictable character amongst the siblings.

Going by western media reports, “He has executed his own uncle by using AA Machineguns, executed Generals who fell asleep during his meetings and also executed the former ambassador to Malaysia upon returning from KL because that guy was friendly with KIM JONG NAM (elder dead brother).

Not to mention a lot of poor souls has been jailed and executed for lesser crimes by him. His reign of terror will not stop nor will it end anytime soon, his ideas are borderless and out of this world. He has tested the most number of missiles to date, not to mention warheads, rockets and other machines.

The threat which South and US plus Japan throws at him seems useless and hopeless, he is immune and could not be bothered at all. His country is suffering from economic sanctions and yet his money and effort spent of arms is unstoppable and limitless dreams of his still left unfulfilled.

The big brother in the North keeps on giving warning after warning and just slapping the hands with no real hard words or actions against the leader.

What will D. Trump and the US military leaders dare to do after this. The South Koreans and Japanese cannot take independent affirmative actions on their own, risking total annihilation once that button is pushed. Do they have nuclear capability, is there anyone daring enough to test or call a bluff?

Guess we shall see how Trump plays his cards latter on, once his own backyard is cleared up and all the mess even before 100 days is over seems boiling over!


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