January 3, 2013

This world needs to wake up to the never ending deception of the rich and give a chance to the poor!

The current situation in the US has no bearing on world economy if people sees’ the real truth of the matter, let the economy of US collapse, so what, that would be a good lesson for them to stop the manipulation of global economy. Why do we need to trade only in USD, its’ blatant monopoly of the financial system equivalent to blackmail, as though other currencies are useless or non-performing! Let the world trade in real Gold, this way nobody can just print paper money and flood it all over the place, what value has the USD have, when one cannot redeem it with the US treasury or the Bank of America, it is just a piece of paper, which is like a newspaper in the street stands.

Each and nation state has its own driving force as far as economic concerns, each nation can produce its own good and services without relying on the Yanks, they are to be blame for what they have arrived at. Each nation can produce enough of food for its own people to consume without importing, food is more important than luxury cars, ships and aeroplanes, the simple basics of bread & butter issues are more relevant that extravagance of the stupid rich. Who needs to have 10 luxury cars from US, Europe or expensive Italian silk when there is no food on the table?

The question here is do we need to import US products this is the big question? They keep the world hanging around them relying on their so called economy to sustain growth elsewhere, which is not correct. Each and every independent statehood or nation, surely can survive without having to import any of their stuff.

China, India and other EU states have products which is better if not equal in quality of the US. Why is this world fooled into believing that if the US collapse the world will collapse too. The US is just another nation, it is not GOD, for heavens sake!

The one point which economists never understand is each and every single item or product can be given a specific price tag, from a small nail to any other merchandize, why are we following the market forces trend set by rogue governments, the supply and demand thing is a bluff. It drives inflation and it kills the poor.

If only the world wakes up and agree to a standard rate and pricing we will be better off indeed, what is there to stop nations from being cooperative and come up with a common agreement to price of goods and essentials, especially food, medication and health related items.

The cost of production goes skyrocketing when the oil prices increases, because the cost of transportation is always the culprit to be blamed on. Otherwise, nothing should change in any case. Just in those days, when a fully grown camel has a fixed price tag in the middle-east. Let’s say 10 gold dinars, which in today’s pricing should be about RM6,000.00 only.

The camel remains the same, in size and shape maybe a slight difference in weight which is negligible in any case. A horse or cow should always be the same in pricing too, because it eats the same grass and drinks the same amount of water to grow.


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