December 25, 2012

How Humans Destroy Themselves

Capitalism – the rich would always victimized the poor, the rich masters makes the weak and have- not’s work their heads off until they drop dead, while they reap the profits. The rich enjoy the profits and live in extravagant homes, they travel, they spent, they enjoy life and they forget about others. They buy the most expensive of things – Bags, planes, ships, diamonds, houses and homes, they eat the best caviar. If only they shared their wealth with the others nobody would be poor and go without food, shelter, water or the basic of human needs! The 1% of the rich will control the 99% of the have not’s & the poor, same as the 1% of the powerful will control the 99% of the weak. Exploitation is the evil doer of the rich & powerful against humanity. It is happening in the USA, Europe and Asian countries even, nowhere is safe, unless until humans behave humanely and share their wealth, care for the weak and less fortunate. It starts from poverty of the family bloodline, lesser educated means lesser opportunity for progress and improvement and upward mobility, even in the land of free and equality called America, millions have to survive on food stamps, otherwise they and their families go hungry. The well-connected and well to do live a life beyond anyone’s imagination in New York City, it is called Apartment 740, where all the owners are billionaires! The most ironic thing is that they demand that the Govt should give them tax relief as well! Mind boggling isn’t it, yes, these group of super-rich are the real players in the political system of the Yankee-land, they buy over politicians and Congress, Senate and The Govt itself, they are the lobbyists and fund givers to politicians, by the millions. They get the best Govt contracts and they get bailed-out if their businesses fails!  Isn’t that similar all over the world? Politicians are political animals who are cheap and can be bought for a pittance! They are all one & the same!  

Poverty –  The Rich made those who were poor, this is the end result of greedy of the rich minority over the majority of the poor, which are the have-nots, the less educated, poor by birth and inheritance, isolated & deprived as well. The greedy will victimize these bunch of people and take advantage because of their positions in society and abuse them, the victims suffer in silence because they need to just survive and cannot demand too much, for fear of losing everything instead. They demand respect and they rule over others because they have been entrusted with POWER!   

Greed – they will never understand what is being poor & being hungry, all they want is I want this & that. They are never enough, forever wanting more, they can’t take no nothing with them when they DIE, with all that they have, a simple gesture of sharing would make a few many others have a chance to survive and live decently as well. But humans are born greedy, they take more than they can eat most of the time and throw away food. Just because they are rich and afford the luxury of life! The greed for more force the have not’s to buy and own things which they can’t afford, they result in paying huge loans with huge interests at the gains of the bankers who are already rich, because the capitalists will always be the richer ones at days’ end. When loans are non-performing their property get seized and they end up sleeping in the streets, jobless and helpless. The bail-outs are only for those who are rich and connected, not the layman on the streets, they are left to rot & die a slow painful death, this is capitalism and banking that we have, no MERCY! 

Destroying Environment – the human hand is the most destructive of all, they cut down, chop down, destroy the natural habitat, when trees disappear, the rest will follow, the birds, bees, game and fishes all will go with them! Natural disaster will occur; landslides, flooding, green-house effect, global warming, polar ice caps melting, rise in sea levels, it is all just waiting to happen! Seas and environment is polluted, even the air is breathe with toxic waste every day. Animals and game are also poisoned by the capitalists’ owners, they feed them with drugs and a whole lot of other poison, and we consume it, thus we become a home for poison as well. The future war will not be fought for any other reason – it’s for access to clean water, not fuel and food so much, humans need water more than food!

Extravagant– the rich have so much money to throw away, they fly all over the world to spent and eat, not knowing that others are yearning for a simple meal all day. They can afford to feed a million others with their wealth, instead they buy big houses, big planes, big yacht, big homes and own millions and billions of property. 

Selfishness – humans most of the time think of themselves only, not caring a damn for thy neighbour even though they are poor and hungry. They do not care if others are sick and weak, they do not bother if others are poor, homeless and helpless! They chose to close their eyes, ears, and even heart!


There is enough of food & water for everyone, it is just that humans want to make more money than others and enjoy their lives better than others, so that others would have to suffer and be deprived of all human needs. They buy, keep and hoard the damn food, so that prices will escalate and force the prices up, the poor will never be able to consume food, maybe crumbs from rubbish dumps, maybe. All they want is make more money, more profits and more gains at the expense of others.

They waste food, water, resources and do not give a damn, just because they have money more than others have, and they humiliate others and make them slave for them.

This is human capitalism and its destruction. The Rich becomes super rich and the poor becomes super poor.

Just take a look at African countries, the gold miners and gold diggers, where are they from, they divide the country and they ripped them clean and make them fight, die and suffer, while they become super rich! They provide arms and USD to gangs and warlords to keep their mines operating whilst the country rots! Do they give a damn or care even one bit?

Diamonds, gold, silver, copper, coal or whatever the natural resource is that they can find and mine & they will surely do it.

There is always again the super-rich who can afford to buy the super diamonds and super gold bracelets, these are the capitalists who makes tonnes of money, drive expensive machines and fly expensive planes and own expensive gadgets, the exclusive club members, who find dine & wine everyday whilst others die of perpetual hunger!  

The War – it will be because of food & water, not lands or property, humans need is their basic need that is so common for all humans no matter whatever colour or creed or believes! Countries who have large resource of these will be invaded, nations who are capable of balancing their needs and taking care of the populace will survive, they need to plant and grow their own and be self-sufficient in the future, no imports & no need orders from outside, not selling to others either!

Those who have super armies* & weapons would bully others who are we into subjugation and invade others to demand for food and water, they become colonial masters again! THEY WOULD BE BRUTAL, it would be worse than wars before this!


When capitalism stops, the word would be a better place to live-in, enough of food, water and everything, do not have to burn down forests and jungles to feed the hungry ghosts call greedy humans!

They all want more money so that they can splash around, travel the world and waste resources, imagine all planes and cars stops moving, there won’t be any need to find fuel and burn it to pollute the world and mankind, killing each other for no apparent reason at all!

Just need to sit still grow your own food and tend to your animals and barter trade for others that you do not have or own, or grown. After all we just need that much to eat and survive we need not store or horde at all, there is more than enough for all human to eat & drink.


The Freemasons & Illuminati – THE NEW WORLD ORDER I guess the world should learn a thing or two about this two groups of people and what their real & true intentions are!

One said it is for equality – FREE MASONS, literally ‘to free all masons’ or mean to say ‘masons should all be freed’ and not be slaves to any person, society or GOVT!

They want absolute freedom from all sorts of rules and regulations, they would rather regulate themselves against the idea of being controlled.

They want absolute freedom of movement, actions and thoughts, to the extent that they need not rely on others! Freedom of choice is utmost to them I guess. Maybe, to them Freedom from religious restrictions and regulations/rules and any forms of laws. They should not be ruled over by any organisation or party, to them they are KING actually and want to rule the world the way they see and deem fit. A NEW WORLD ORDER – it is their way or no other way at all! Nobody is to challenge them, they will make sure that they won’t be any challenges, how do they achieve that, the most obvious is to own and run a powerful team or organisation with super guns. Nobody can challenge them, all must bow down to their desires and rules.

Religion is not important to them, freedom is more important, that is where same-sex marriage and LBGT is HUMAN RIGHTS.. and most important, they can control much easier when humans are not god fearing, they only fear another fellow human. Everything boils down to humans take over their own destiny, the final outcome is man-made, not divine intervention to them.

Illuminati – wants to rule the world with their new world order too! Their unfinished work is the temple of doom without its pinnacle on the US One Dollar Note on top of the pyramid and one-eyed monster (Satan)!

The unfinished worked of satan is to mislead humans, they shall follow satan to Hell Fire, they say human rights over rides everything, they profess that human should be allowed to do whatever this wished to and whatever they like i.e. same sex marriage which the President of the USA agrees! Thus the pyramid is not jointed as yet, there is a gap or gaping absence clearly. They want to rule the world through economic power by using the USD as the monetary currency for trade, they want to create a state and one nation Govt, using the EU and UN and all its super weapons to subjugate the lesser weak nations of the world. They do not want others to have nuclear capability not because of the Bombs but the natural power source which they want to monopolize and make others poor and backwards. They will suck out everything there is in others oilfields and keep theirs intact, they just print useless greenbacks USD and pay for free OIL & GOLD!

The world is being conned broad daylight by these group of Neo-Coservatives, Zionists, Illuminati & Freemason Groups, they are all one and the same. They will not think twice in killing many others to achieve their great AIMS. Nothing will stop them from creating famines, wars, drought, price increase, disease, sickness and even madness. They control the media and they want to control the minds of the people’s of this world with their fabricated stories and events – like doomsday 21 Dec 2012, which has passed in many countries and will eventually be another big HOAX. The big supermarkets chain made tons of money selling candles, torch lights and batteries only, not to mention food and water and other recommended doomsday items (must have)! 

What is the religion of these leaders, which religion teaches that sexual freedom over-rides everything else, legalizing drugs (marijuana/cannabis) and very soon all other synthetic drugs also. This leads to the breakdown of society and this enables the rogue Govts to rule over the masses much more easily, since they are helpless creatures with no more cultural and moral values, they just become low life miserable.


Banks are their playground, they manipulate everything especially exchange rates, by the seconds idiots lose everything and they,the goons gain everything, but gullible humans are always big fools, they like to be cheated and because of their greed, they get BURNT, the big boys laugh themselves silly every minute. It also involves Gold & Silver prices, they push and pull the market and they make money which ever way, this system is flawed from day one, just that morons do not trust themselves but the bankers, speculators and so-called experts!

The Spread Of Deadly Disease – The swine fever or flu will be released to kill forgivingly, just a matter of time, this virus will spread quickly and many will be struck. Is is not a joke, we had the bird flu, the mad cow, the swine flu will be just the next. They use food to spread diseases, yes they plant chemicals inside food, as pesticides, manure, artificial insecticides, fast growth drugs and the likes, they want to control food quantity to control the pricing, the availability, they control others who are poor, they control the world population as well. antibiotics, growth hormones and scientific findings new drugs are all crap for killing and making others SICK, so that they can come out with new drugs and sell you at high prices and make money off course. Food will be used as a weapon against the people, especially poor countries who are already in dire straits, they want them actually dead, mostly 3rd world countries in Africa and Asia. Water is another weapon to kill others, especially bottled waters, they are flourinated ( fluoride is poison )!

The Media & Hollywood – their chief mischief-maker, spreading fear, hatred and non-existent tales of falsehood, lies, deceit and cover-ups. The movies are to force people to believe in nonsense. They control the worlds media and they create stories and news reports which is half the time lies, they cover the real sufferings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine…the many innocent that they have killed. A lone soldier dies and they made a big story, the whole country moans, but the hundreds and thousands of innocent that die elsewhere without any reports or news, drones have killed thousands but never reported at all! All innocent women, children and aged! The CIA and FBI as along with all other agencies make full use of the Media to control the minds of the masses. Whatever comes out of CNN, BBC, ABC whatever they maybe is controlled information process which more than half the time are pure lies and half-truths.

They blew up the twin towers + one tower in NY and blamed it on Osama bin Laden, how can a sane human belief the falsehood and lies that they spread. They captured and killed Osama and buried him at sea, double-quick time, and finally all the Special SEAL team members that took Osama, was all dead in one helicopter crash…how convenient!

Sponsorship of Terrorists – they pay big money for others to do their dirty jobs and blame others conveniently. There are always willing people to get big bugs and kill others, what is there to stop printing of USD and passing in huge amounts by the millions to hired killers. For months, this protracted wars can continue to bleed the Govt of the Day, until they all finally drop dead, like Saddam, Gaddafi and very soon Mubarak and Assad!

The evil doer, who has been creating turmoil, wars and havoc all over the land, for them to dominate and do their business, at the expense of innocent lives, selling wares and more wares! They want to be super rich and control the economy of this world, by doing harm to other countries, break them up, feed them with poison (drugs) and wayward culture ( satanic)!

They are playing GOD

They forget that SATAN was promised by god that the place for them is HELL and nowhere else, only in this world they can mislead the poor weak souls, those who want to be lead astray.

When flood and earthquakes even freak weather can be planned, it creates misery, hardship and tremendous pain, but who are they, this people are evil and evil is the only word they know, who cares! Billions can suffer & die, and they won’t flinch a bit. Not even doing to their own kind, what more others, if they can kill two of their own Presidents what’s there to kill others by the loads?

Recently they made a big scare, of apparent DOOMSDAY…END OF THE WORLD.. ARMAGEDDON… and there were fools who believed them, thousands and maybe even millions thought that the world would end on 21st Dec 2012, they bought bunkers, food, water and many guns to safeguard their families! What happened? NOTHING – ALL were made fools, and who made them fools…the doomsday preaches, they made tone of money selling candles, water, canned food, torch lights, batteries and even steel bunkers costing up to a million bugs!



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