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December 15, 2012

Dr M still influential — A. Kadir Jasin

They say he still pull the strings – and Kadir says he still has power, wow….what power, money, people, or secrets?


Perkasa: Impossible for Malays to compete economically because of Islam

Ibrahim Ali – says Islam forbids BIG money making business, that is why Malays are backwards, he wants to trade in Samsu Haram, 4 Ekor and China-Dolls!


Insult us and lose Malay support, Perkasa warns Gerakan!

Ibrahim Ali says if Gerakan continues to hit Perkasa, the Malays will vote for DAP!


Ibrahim Ali hindering 1 Malaysia progress, says Gerakan!

Ibrahim Ali warns that if Chinese are too powerful politically and economically there will be another 13th May Incident!


DAP lodges report against Deepak!

The DAP strongman Karpal Singh says if a person who know about a crime and covers it up is equally a ‘criminal’!


Musuh Najib yang sebenarnya berada di dalam Umno sendiri — Aspan Alias!

This is call “musuh didalam selimut” or “the real enemy within”….? JIBBY better watch your backsides and check your blankets!


Liow: Lynas waste cannot stay!

Now who is talking…did not somebody said: “if it is dangerous all Malaysian brains would have been eaten by radioactive!”


Is this the end of SUARAM? — Tommy Thomas!

They say that the Turth hurts, but THE REAL TRUTH HURST MOST I GUESS! 


Malays must read Utusan daily, says Ibrahim Ali!

Since when he became a a newspaper seller?


Pahang Sultan steps into Bertam oil dispute!

Wow..power play starting…guess the neighbouring head will have something to say TOO!


‘FOUL-MOUTHED’ Adnan disgraces himself & Pahang: Calls senior citizen “GILA”

Too much food…and the stomach plays tricks..bloated and goated..the mind plays havocs as the brains becomes NUMB!



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