November 20, 2012


NOW the media has reported thar Iranian missiles were used by Hamas to shoot at Isreali towns and killed ONLY 3 Jews, whereas the Palestinain side has suffered hundreds of injuured and killed. So Blackie Obama will say its Isreals’ right to defend itself being attack. Folks we shall see how the Jews manipulate things! They attack Gaza from the land, sea and air, using battle ships, fighter jets and ground missiles and artilery.

Blackie Obama DOG will be shot like a DOG if he does not play ball with Netanyahu (SETAN-HU) if he had survived the election, he would not survive much longer, the truth will be out, he is another monkey of the JEWS & Zionists pigs! He will forever be remembered as the “1st non-white monkey painted BLACK by the Jews!” To becoma a murderer like father and baby BUSH!

The USA wil allow Isreal to kill more civilians and make Iran the scape goat…just watch the next move…press release…Iranian must be taken responsible and make accountable for thier support to HAMMAS therefore they should be made to pay. Lets teach them a lesson, the US and all its allies will attack Iran, led by the Zionists party, HANTU will delay elections and hold on to power, Mid-East can burn for all the western world to see, who cares 2 hoots, mere words form Ban Ki Moon, another stupid moron from Korea, ate too much shit, means nothing, who cares what he says ‘bloody ole fart cock FOOL!’

The world wants a world war – lets have IT! Hollywood – Already made a movie that 2012 is lets see who will be doomed!


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