The Perfect STORM

October 30, 2012


The USA has been struck by a never seen before storm/hurricane/rain/sea-surge/sleet & snow all at the same time. Does the people realize that the world is seeing what happens to the supposedly most power nation & greatest state? They even claim that their President is the most POWERFUL person in the world!

What does all this means? Can the President stop all these since he is the most powerful person on planet earth! The answer can be reasoned out simply – NO!

The mother earth & nature never recognizes all these human made stories and claims as the strongest and most powerful! Nature is never ever going to be controlled by us mortals & helpless souls.

God Almighty always has his say and his ways to do things as he wishes, after all, why say ALMIGHTY if he isn’t that!

The thing that is hitting this Nation is nothing but WATER, WIND & SNOW! All the elements which he controls and he alone ONLY commands!

But humans never realized and they try to play GOD, that is where the errors lies, the President say we are all ready for it, we are going to do it BIG! Does he know what he is saying actually!

With the full-moon and combinations of rain, sleet, snow and sea-surge, nothing will be able to withstand the forces of NATURE!

The total damage is un-parallel for this nation over a few hundred years, maybe 300 years! The final count for this natural disaster as far as life’s lost and property destroyed will never be known! Hurricane Katrina still looms in the distant past. How many were lost nobody actually knew!

The game is so simple – they can never account for everything lost and destroyed, is just estimates at best!

The whole nation is at a standstill almost, with flights cancelled, water supplies cut, power outages, transportation ceased & flooding. Not to mention the millions of homes, cars and properties which are going to be submerged under water FROM THE SEA AND HEAVY RAINS! Even the sub-ways are flooded, and if they can’t manage this the trains and all its equipment will salted with sea water.

New York City – Manhattan being an Island will be hit hardest, the subways and tunnels were shut down to avoid flooding. The East River and Hudson River has overflowed its banks and the surrounding areas will be flooded for sure. The commercial district will be devastated when water flood the stores!

This scenario is almost apocalyptic to say! Could it be apocalypse NOW!


The US Govt has to study & self-inspect itself concerning their policies and actions worldwide! They need to realized what they have been doing to others for the past 30 years. Whatever they have done to POLICE the world has not been totally RIGHT always. Many hundred & thousands of life’s has been lost unnecessary, not only to others but to the own citizens as well! Innocent people died because the conflicts and wars waged did more harm than GOOD at the end of the DAY!

The place goes from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and many other nation states, most sadly Vietnam! The millions of people are still suffering today as a result of these wars waged in the name of fight against tyrants and extremists!

The devastation to equipment, services, infrastructure, homes, property & loss of lives can never be accounted for, not to mention the trauma they have to live forever and never can overcome! If one accounts for the damages in numbers and dollars/cents we can never be able to quantify the total sum lost and destroyed forever!

Those who lost their fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins, grandparents, friends and other relatives plus loved ones can never be forgotten, let alone forgiven! Can they forgive this atrocities which were all man made?

Maybe, they can only pray that one day they shall be repaid! Maybe this is what God wants the hands that created sadness and destruction worldwide to realized and take account as to what they have done before! Maybe they will sit down and give a good thought to why this is happening, why us & why this time!

After this flood & storm the Govt will come out with another estimate ONLY, there will be parties who would gain from all these destructions, YES!

The people who would get the lucrative contracts to replace & repair the damages! They get rich and they gain, and who are THEY?

It is just like WAR, it is good for businesses, they make guns and bullets to be used and sold, not kept in stores and warehouses/bunkers!

So do the Americans feel sad, at a lost and traumatized after so many natural disasters that struck them after the first Desert War, followed by Desert Storm? The disasters never did stop, there were storms, hurricanes, fires, floods, snow storms, some unnatural happenings the likes of senseless killings and murders nationwide!

If they do, it would be good to realized how others feel when they lose everything they ever HAD! Some belief it is KARMA and PAYBACK. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do UNTO YOU! The poor innocent folks that suffered could not shoot back or fight back, they can only pray hard. Maybe these prayers are answered!

When Katrina left its toll, did the Americans realised it was a wake up call, how many dozen of cities they have devastated with their smart bombs, bridges blown, power plants destroyed, roads broken, water treatment bombed, schools and hospitals immobilized, buildings and homes smitten, shops and stores no more functioning, buses, cars and other transportation nullified, rich agriculture lands barren and the list goes on and on!

The old and the sickly were most affected during such wars, now the hospitals in NY are flooded with 10 feet of water, isn’t that a payback? Can they imagine those poor folks in the mountains suffering cold nights when their country was bombed? Now with no power and heavy flooding and winter conditions coming in with heavy snow fall what happens, people will freeze to death, the same as those who lived in the mountains and cities the US bombed during winter attacks! The babies that died, the old folks who were too weak to even walk, the sickly who needed medication and oxygen! Hospitals now are left hopeless with these storms!

How many more weeks before everything can be restored to order, cleaned and made good! That is for all US leaders to give a deep thought, the folks who were bombed still suffer till this day worldwide! After years of American imperialism!

Wall Street has closed down, many shops flooded and destruction will only be known much later, their wares & goods could well be deemed useless after the flood water subsides. How many companies will lose money as a result of flood related damages. Even drinking water becomes a big issue, is it safe and clean?

Fires are now burning in the Queens, because the power grids have been tumbled and electric flows cause these fires. A whole block of buildings is downed now!

Most of all, salt water from the sea makes it much more difficult to clean up, with tons of debris and cars, including torn away parts of buildings clogging up the whole areas of the storm path.   

Now Super Strom Sandy has its say – we pay back in kind with interest. Millions suffered lack of food and malnutrition as a result of wars created by the US, now the citizens about 60 million of them will face the same kind of dire straits themselves!

The damage estimates can run into billions due to Sandy, but the total destruction caused by US troops and bombs may be more than what they could imagine after years of world bullying for the past 30 odd years!

The leaders must sit down and think hard and fast, what to do next? What foreign policy must we adopt to make the world a more peaceful place, not just accuse and blame ISLAM and its followers, of whom most are innocent souls which they have snuffed off, as collateral damage every time a drone strikes a HOME of the innocent! It’s always an accident, who does not know that, what happens if Americans are hit by somebody else and they say it’s an accident…ooops! SORRY!

Is the lives’ of others cheaper than that of Americans?


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