As I Walk The Streets

October 24, 2012


I took a stroll from my house to Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri today, whilst observing the traffic and the people around me I realized something, there was a group of workers toiling in the hot mid-day sun!

They were all foreigners, yes, hardworking and concentrating on the task at hand; some were reading instructions, a few cleaning the plastic heavy duty plastic barricades at every construction site we see today!

They were carrying buckets full of water and with some soap cleaning the dirt laden plastic barricades, cleaning them one after another, I was just thinking, would a local do that JOB! How much are they paid for such a JOB? I just casually wondered!

If not for them, who would want this job, I asked myself! They were part of the team that is preparing the site for the new MRT from KL city centre to Kajang if I am not wrong.  By the looks, I guess they are either from India, Bangladesh or Myanmar!

As I walked further, there was another drink & fruit stall by the walkway, along the Rapid KL bus terminal, just under an overhead bridge to the current LRT station. There was this Indonesian lady doing her job, would anyone else park herself there and service the customers, I mean a local?

As days goes by, this country is blessed with such easy way to attract more foreigners into our land. It is because almost everything is possible to earn a decent living, just walk through the daily markets at Chow Kit Road & Pasar PUDU!

The same scenario – all foreign workers and foreign traders plying their wares, where are the locals?

Are they just sub-letting to collect rent every month and relax while others work hard and earn more MONEY than them? When the time comes they will also buy up all the houses there is for sale, they work hard, save up and never waste.

Look at how they can survive with minimum wages and eat minimum food, most of the time they carry take away food from home to work, hardly see them eating out, even the grass-cutters along the high-ways does that for lunch breaks, and they are all foreign workers indeed. How much money they keep and send home each month, must be by the millions, if my numbers are not wrong! We have millions of them already, not to mention those illegals!  

So, where are we heading towards, with 20-20 just round the corner and to be exact 17 years left, how developed can we be by then? Or is it just others who are developing themselves here, we hear and see lots of our property bought over by foreigners, especially Arabs, Singaporeans and East Asians. Maybe one day we would become our own slaves in our own land!

There are food operators that are willing to rent high priced shop lots to run their simple Nasi-Ayam, just look at PD! They are all foreigners, some pay as high as RM3,000.00 per month for a shop lot, just imagine how much they have to earn per day, make a clean profit and to be able to pay that monthly rental!

Why are all our Rakyat complaining that it is hard to get employed and do business? Is it because of lack of skills, opportunities, money or whatever the reason it may be? If others who come with nothing accept for a simple bag of clothes and no ‘Saudara’ can make it, in just a matter of time, what is wrong with our people?

It really amazes me, how hard working they are, some work almost 18 hours a day, after the day shift they work extra hours even at night. Look at Pasar Selayang, or any other wet markets, they are doing business, not makan gaji mind you!

This does not include Sabah & Sarawak, they are all over the town, day & night selling their wares, from fresh fish to clothes!

On hind-sight, we need the workers to do the menial work that no locals wants and on the other hand, they are so hardworking  that one day our locals will not get a job, all because of the low wages and minimum perks! Somebody just need to get the dirty work DONE!

With the influx of these legal and illegal migrants, the social problems and issues have risen to an unacceptable level, just recently a poor 28 year old girl was hanged raped in Puchong!

When is all these going to be curb or eradicated, only god knows!  

This country has become the “BIG-APPLE” of Asean if not Asia, and the price we have to pay for allowing migrants IN without proper screening, even the student’s menace is un resolved, so many come in on the pretext of getting an education, there are some who are murderers and rapists, not to mention Voodoo specialists!

How many innocent lives have been lost, most of them single mothers, lonely old girls and some widowed old girls, cheated of their life savings by sweet talking gangsters! All promising love and a bright future, which will never ever happen, when would they ever learn not to be too trusting.

It’s a vicious circle actually, we need them and we do not need them, it depends who is saying it, the private colleges and operators needs them for business, it’s all about making money, who cares if they are to cheat, commit criminal acts and murder others, let alone attend any of the classes, as long as fees are paid on time!

The Rakyat fear all of them, giving them names such as “gagak hitam” and ‘black money’, why shouldn’t we feel that way, they have created so many precedence and incidents, from rape, murder, maiming and cheating! Every-time we see them gathering amongst themselves, we fear for the worst, with their size and mannerisms which is so typical of their culture anyone for that matter becomes fearful. The Police had bad experiences with them, in any attempt to affect an arrest, they are huge and strong and it takes more than 3 cops to handle one of them!

Now, the question is who is bringing them in and allowing them in that easily, isn’t there any checks and balances prior to their arrival at our doorsteps? I have personally seen the Singapore Immigrations handled situations without any fear or any favour, the minute you are detected they come in quickly and arrest anyone at their check-points! Rest assured they will process the procedures and convict them double quick time, to me that is the most effective form of deterrence for any potential bad guy thinking of making it easy in our nation!    

Things must be tightened up and screws must be bolted down and get serious, otherwise we fear living in our own homes and our own nation, to me that is just unacceptable!



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