The Truth

September 3, 2012

The truth of Osama bin Laden! A terrorists or just another American Bogeyman?

The Ex-Seal Team member that killed and executed Osama came Out With a shocking revelation to the world, is OBAMA to be trusted or he was just boosting his own EGO to say he was the President that knocked off Osama! That being the case, Baby Bush would be happy to claim he was the one who started the ball rolling to hunt down Al-Qaeda from Timbaktu to Asia!

The poor soldier just followed blind orders blindly and executed/murdered/killed another human being, I am pretty sure after the execution he went home feeling BAD, real BAD! Why did I do IT? Because as soldiers : You are just a name & a number or rather PAWN to be moved about on a chess board, the games are played by political masters, who do not give a damn who dies and how many dies, as long as they remain in POWER!

The book coming out at this time is also critical for the re-election of BLACKIE OBAMA! 



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