Hurricane Isaac

August 29, 2012

The Yankees never ever did learn anything at all, they think as the ‘worlds’ single super powers’ they can control this world! How wrong they all are. Nature is not to be fooled around with, if they ever learn from Katrina, 7 years ago!

This country has-had no peace ever since the first troops invaded Iraq during the 1st Gulf War, look at the records, I am sure CNN can play back all the recordings of natural and mad-made disasters that happened for the past 20 over years! Right from Father-Bush to Black OBAMA! The more deaths that Yanks create world wide the more people will die back home, from snow storms, heat-wave, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild shootings, accidents, wild fires and the list goes on. The many innocent lives taken by bombs and missiles are paid back in CASH & KIND!

The Almighty has his ways to pass his messages, but humans never ever take heed at all! Right from the beginning of time till dooms-day! Humans will continue to play GOD, trying his luck to control NATURE!

Look at the ice caps melting – seas will flood, lowlands will perish, adverse weather will be even worst in the very near future, cold winds, dry heat wave, droughts, famine, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and off course bush fires! It is all because of the dirty hands of the greedy HUMANS. Who are not stopping to ripped apart and rapes mother EARTH of all its natural resources and just to get RICH, exposing the habitat to ruins!

Lets get ready for more turmoil, diseases and sickness, more deaths and devastation, well done the HUMAN Race!


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