August 26, 2012

The nation is at it again, or rather the player is playing it again. is it a game?

This is what we call dirty politics! The HUDUD laws are god sent, yet Muslims who claimed they are believers does not want these divine laws IMPLEMENTED, how ironic can it be! UMNO says no go, why are the MALAYS in UMNO so scared of IT? Aren’t they all ‘MUSLIMS’ and believe in the holy scripture the Al-Quran? That being the case why pray 5 times a day, go to Hajj & Umrah in Mecca, why pray at Mosque during Fridays, why celebrate Raya Puasa and Raya Haji…why say this is Islamic nation (the former PM) !

It amazes us all, how can a UMNO Malay who is an automatic Muslim claims to fight and defend Islam, Melayu dan Bangsa all of a sudden deny HUDUD is the right thing to follow and practice! Where is all the learned & qualified UMNO Ulamak, Ustaz and Ustazah , where have they disappeared, why are they all just keeping silent, mum and quiet? Maybe ignorant or are they afraid that if they speak the truth, it will hurt their pay-checks?

Is the worldly things more important than the ‘hereafter’! Is having a RM5 million house with complete imported furniture and marbles more important? Is having a cabinet full of imported crystal glasses more important than speaking the truth?

How can they face their parents who gave them the education and “doa” to be good Imams and Ustaz when they left home to seek gods truth and come back home to pass it on to others, or are they now professing: “Do what I ask you to do, and don’t follow what I DO!

How can they ask us all to AMIN when they baca DOA, every time they lead the prayers, Fridays especially, knowing that the leaders are corrupted and criminals!

Are we all to follow BLINDLY?

SURELY ALLAH swt did not gave us all a brain and said do not use it!




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