What is Wrong with Islam in MALAYSIA

August 14, 2012

This was placed about  few week ago without any text, it was meant to be that way. No one responded!

The scenario is plain and simple, why does this nation have problems with Islam?

The non-muslims are being scared day and night about this nation becoming an Islamic State, by none other than UMNO itself.

The HUDUD issue is played to momok the rakyat. The Malays themselves do not fully understand HUDUD, so why blame the non-muslims!

The laws are stated clearly but the facts are twisted and turned around to confuse the RAKYAT

So the nation is with a Malay leadership which they themselves are not sure what is HUDUD. I say Malay because they are not truly Muslims themselves, if they profess to be real Muslims they would have not rejected and put a bad name to HUDUD in the very first Instant!

Being a Malay means nothing, actually it is just a human created fallacy nothing more! Ask any right-minded Malay and they will tell you the truth! The Malays are just hiding behind a wall to prevent themselves from the truth and the realities of life in this world!

Under the Malaysian Constitution it stipulates clearly what a MALAY is:

“A person who is professing Islam meaning a Muslim, who speaks the Malay Language, practices its Malay culture & heritage”!

“So, if a person born in England, a real white man or a Black African born in Nigeria or Yankee born in New York becomes a Muslim, converts to Islam – he qualifies to become a MALAY! He can speak a bit of Malay – selamat hari raya, selamat pagi, selamat malam! Eat with his hands, eats belacan and tempoyak, wears a sarung to sleep and wish everyone with a salam if they are Muslims will become a MELAYU!”


But they have deviated far from the truth because of politics!

They portray a very different picture of truly what ISLAM is and what Islam stands for actually. They have confused themselves with lots of practices which are UNISLAMIC and unwritten in the Holy Scripture – the Koran!

They practice hoodism and deviant teachings because their forefathers did so, the so called ADAT! They go on to say: “Biar mati anak jangan MATI ADAT”!

This is truly SAD and disappointing, a wrong reflection of what true Islamic teachings is all about. They allow things which are forbidden in Islam to take place and continue to happen. All because they say we are a secular state with a varied of religion! The universal human rights says we allow things to happen, we allow humans to do whatever they want – yes, I respect that decision! But if it brings more harm than GOOD should we be stupid enough to agree!

Islam forbids things with reasons – solid and logical!

It is not HARAM without any reason!

Only the human minds are stupid to ignore and defy Gods command!


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