The Corruptible

July 17, 2012

To continue the story of corruption, we have not only the leaders themselves being corrupted they even teach their kids & family to do so! HOW one may ask, very simple, if these kids have any dignity, they will abide by all the laws of the land, look at how the sons of leaders behave, as always above the law! Look at how some of their wives behave, as though they are QUEENS! Dressing to the nineties and spending extravagantly and asking the poor to eat once a day only, if they can have a square meal that IS!

They torture and maim innocent people, they raped poor children and girls, they remove peoples’ right to voice out, they confiscate land & property, they drive their expensive imported cars and kill innocent folks, they murder innocent humans to create fear, they get drunk and shoot others, they are also fond of kicking, slapping and fornicating with others!

Just wondering if the British Royals which are also very rich, do their kids get drunk in town pubs and create a ruckus every Friday evenings, drawing out their guns and shooting others or ordering their bodyguards to beat the hell out of anyone they do not fancy or like! I was made to understand all of them, wearing uniforms in the military service and flying helicopters and driving tanks like any other guy! Guess they are more cultured and learned in that sense, and not become maggots feeding on dead corpses!

For that matter, any leader who wants to lead must show perfect examples, immaterial they are whites, black or blue in colour, the universal values of human beings, to leave anything that is bad and to do good. To abstain from being drunkards, gamblers and fornicators, no matter what the religion they professes!

With their power, influence and richness, I am pretty show they can feed another million hungry mouths the world over, the famines in Africa & the mid-east, the poor and homeless would be most great-full if only the monies wasted and thrown away could reach them! Instead of throwing away monies, with lavish parties and extravagant lifestyle, why not lend a helping hand for those who are in dire straits the world over! These folks will forever be thankful and great-full for this kind gestures!

They demand that business & contracts be given to them in a silver platter! They want business that can make billions, even though they know nothing from ‘a head of a cow to a tail of a cow’! They want all the best deals in their pockets, they can jack up prices and pocket it nicely, they want to monopolize critical business and trade items! They demand that they have the rights to all these lucrative contracts, it’s their birth right, so to speak! When they flop big time, someone will bail them OUT for sure, no measure of lost, it is always GAINs all the way! So many Govt projects have failed yet nobody ever has been found guilty of negligence for even once! Only small goats will be slaughtered whilst the big fishes are safe & dry! The law is only applicable to small & low down Privates not the GENERALS, they use a different set of laws!

Sadam and sons, Ghadafi & sons, Mubarak & sons, Suharto & sons it is the same everywhere! The British monarch is opened to criticism and public scrutiny, every penny is accountable for the public to view and digest. Do we have this system with us?

It is the lacking of political will and commitment that people abuse the system, this so-called bunch of bad leaders do whatever they want and can get away even with murder practically and figuratively! Nothing new in 3rd world countries and developing nation states! The stifle the press, so that news never can get to the masses, but with the internet and the new media nothing can be hidden from public knowledge anymore, it just a matter of seconds that the public can record and incident and put it up on the net for the whole world to see!

These sons of guns behave as though they are kings & lords, pushing the public into a corner and let them die as rabid dogs, gone are the days, it is coming more difficult to hide bad news! Leaders who think they can hoodwink the masses be forewarned that the time is running out and things will never be the same again!  

All the riches they have accumulated and ripped/robbed thus far can be returned to the rightful owners, the masses will not sit still and be silent, banks worldwide is now assisting genuine Govt to seek out rogue regimes secret accounts to regain the lost monies hidden away!

The leaders abused the system by placing all their “YES MEN” into important positions may it be in the Govt service or Business GLC’s! All the heads of department are hand-picked and all indoctrinated into becoming robots and YES MEN! They only obey orders from the top, even if it is WRONG! THEY SOLD THEIR SOUL TO THE DEVIL! They gain tons of monies and get promoted double-quick time, with perks of overseas travel and special privileges thrown in. They enjoy most of the time, whilst the poor innocent folks work hard and never get recognized! Slavery is the plan of action, the master is always RIGHT! The minute you question, rest assured you will be fired, posted or transferred to TIMBUKTU!

The practice of triple standards is a norm, no more double! The leaders keep a black book on you, the minute you make a mistake, he takes notes and he will throw it back at you at the right time, so that your balls are caught in his hands, they allow you do be naughty first! You pay back with blind loyalty in the end!

Cronyism & Nepotism

This was one of the reasons that brought down the Peacock Thrown or Regime in Iran, the then Shah of Iran created dissatisfaction and disharmony in the land by providing for only his own immediate family members! They dominated the Govt service by holding all important posts, they were given all the best businesses, they were all super RICH! The people had nothing and were treated like dogs, caught & arrested to be silenced! History is for those who are willing to read & learn invaluable lessons, so that they become the wiser! But humans tend to forget when they have power or are in power! That will bring them down!

The END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS – this is now the BEST answer, they profess & prefer this system to make things happen to their liking, no matter what the objective must be met at all cost, the innocent dying is nothing, many killed or maimed not a problem, the victims are just name & numbers that it!

They will kill, blackmail, sabotage and torture, many accidents will be planned, many stupid things made to look real, create tension and suspicion, create animosity, create hate and create havoc! Most of all blame it onto others for all that is happening!

They will tell a thousand lies to cover up a million lies and so on till the lies are never-ending! They will dig a hole to cover another and they will fall into the last BIG HOLE!

 This world is a cruel place – millions go hungry and fall sick and yet billions wasted to build stadiums and sports arena just to entertain the world in the next Olympics! If only humans for once behave like humans and have the little compassion to help his fellow human, for life would be so different if the rich are in the shoes of the poor and down trodden!

The media is proud to inform us that the millions of tons of food which is going to be prepared for all the athletes and officials for the duration of the games! If only they cancel these games and feed the poor mouths worldwide! It is same like the Euros Football, the Soccer World Cups, why does this world shut their hearts on the needy? English soccer players earn US$300,000.00 per week, this is so scary, it can easily feed an entire village for a year in Africa! Yet we are all blind and deaf!

 This is all corruption – no matter what is said they will STILL DO IT!

Because they think they can live FOREVER!

They forget they will be dead &buried one day too!

They forgot they have to answer to all their deeds in this world in the hereafter!


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