Corruption Affects Everything

July 15, 2012

The word corruption has been around since men came into this world, may it be a big case or just a minor case! The abuse of power of those in power leads to corruption and bullying of the poor and deprived. The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer eventually. How does this happen?

Imagine a leader who holds enormous power and influence, he can silenced those who oppose him, defy his orders and disobey him! He can use his powers to direct people in positions to arrest them and throw them away for good. He can fabricate evidence and plant evidence to damage and discredit others whom he feels is a threat. With money and power, there are many who are willing to do his bidding for him, even though it seems foolish acts of great proportion!

The money that they have and they can throw away to ensure others do the dirty work for them, this world is full of such idiots! Willing fools and idiots who will never mind anything as long as they can make a fast buck!

Corruption from a low down cop to a leader of huge companies, they can buy over support and loyalty to oust anyone they feel is not towing the line, they can blackmail them with secret tapes and videos, they can even set-up their opponents with wine, women and drugs!  

This is call corruption and it’s not going away as long as there are greedy humans on both sides, the giver and the taker, they have sold their souls to the DEVIL!

Look at what is happening in FIFA, an organisation which I have written-off, because of its leaders and the whims and fancies they do it the organisation! Finally, the expose comes to light, after so many years of abusive leaders and their dirty tricks, they were trying their best to cover-up the dirt too! You scratch my back I will scratch yours, ( lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu) they cover each other so well, until NOW!

Rich organisations are the best cash-cows for the greedy leaders to MILK, only damning thing is that everyone knew about it and could not be bothered to expose it, all taking care of each other’s interest, the whole bunch is equally guilty for condoning this actions and should be found guilty and jailed en-masse!

The other greatest flop is the United Nations, the amount of scandals and scams of the previous SG’s and the current batch of leaders, they are never audited, never held accountable, never responsible for all the flops and disasters which they created and denied the world over! It is the one biggest organisation that has outlived its’ original purpose of ensuring world peace & order! In fact this defunct or malfunction piece of history did more damage than good for this world, the mid-east still remains a battle zone after 50 years! They manipulate the system and facts to their liking, giving stupid excuses not to react to situations or to resolve conflicts, sometimes allowing others to do whatever they like, just like an impotent “COCK”!

This is corrupt practices in an international arena, we have not mention about corrupted corporate giants in the world economy, and it is even scarier to talk about.

They can pollute the land and kill others whilst they make huge profits living a thousand miles away safely. They can give guarantees that mean nothing because the side-effects are not immediate but lifelong. They will buy-off willing corruptible leaders to agree to whatever plans they have, just to make it happen!

Corruption – kills the innocent and punishes the poor!

The police, the authorities like the courts can dish out verdicts that are lob-sided because the judges can be bought, can be turn-over and can be bribe with lots of goodies and promotions.  They can dismiss any case they like, adhering to the orders of the powerful leaders, from small vehicle accidents, robberies, rape, drug cases & murder even!  White collar crimes are even more intriguing, billions are written-off, just with a whisk of a pen…No Further Action words printed on these files! They will be buried with the dead, so to speak figuratively, for some were never convicted and have since died, laughing inside their graves forever!

Records can be altered/erased and evidence planted, nothing is safe! DNA samples can be manipulated and there are willing blokes who will swear on any holy books to try and convince the world that they are innocent! What is there to be afraid off, they have been assured of total protection by the very powerful leaders themselves. Not to worry, no harm will befall you, we shall take care of things as long as you become a YES-MAN! They are assured that they will never be hung even if found guilty, others will be hung in their place instead, a body will be buried and case closed, you get a new identity, a new name, a new face and loads of money to be spent for ever and never to be seen again, and most of all, a “all-expense paid trip to wherever you may want to resettle for good”!   

The powerful can do wonders, as long as there are others who are willing to do the dirty work they get rewarded by increments, promotions and superb perks after retirement!

So the bribes of RM50.00 is nothing compared to billions even trillions that have left the country, never to be returned and stashed away safely for NOW! Who knows one fine day, the truth will catch up and we shall see these monies which rightfully belongs to this country flow back in, maybe is it just wishful thinking but we hope it does happen.

Will the people that have been wronged all these years find in themselves a way to forgive those who have wronged them all? Those innocent souls who died without justification and justice given to them, are they going to be appeased for good?

Bribes comes in many forms,  so corruption also has many forms…giving free land to those who do not deserve, giving away scholarships to those who do not qualify, allowing business to be conducted at illegal areas, closing an eye on dirty restaurants, allowing prostitutes’  to flourish openly, allowing cars to be parked indiscriminately because the owner is a somebody, approving loans to those are not deserving, approving projects to those who are not capable, inflating prices of goods and products to ensure kick-backs are cater for, giving away freebies to those in positions, throwing big parties for favoured guests, paying for expensive shopping sprees the world over, contributing “willingly” to any charitable cause suddenly, offering land at below current cost to favoured buyers, willingness to sponsor events and show charitable behaviour! The list can go on and on, it is a never ending list.  Special gifts and presents sent to family members and children locally and abroad.  That is why corruption is HARAM, it deprived the innocent of their RIGHTS and victimize the very INNOCENT!     

Will it ever go away, I do not think so, as long as there are humans who do not fear God and the Hereafter, and ultimately the punishments they are about to get in HELL!


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