The Real Power

June 30, 2012

“The reality of humans and their selfish believe:  that they have ultimate & real powers?

Well, this world has seen many a nation brought down to its knees by ruthless leaders and dictators, some say that had to do it so that the nation can unite and progress!

The world is changing and some folks still think that a normal human being is powerful, this is the downfall of the human race, let’s see it that way. A government is entrusted to rule and govern the nation and its people wisely and honestly without abusing the trust of the people who selected them and picked them to lead!

But once in position of “power” they forget their oath of being an office bearer,  that is to uphold integrity and rule of law! They abused the system and violate all rules even god sent rules!

They behave like Kings and Lords, oppressing the weak, the poor and the unfortunate to the maximum!

They behave worst off than animals! Yet they say they are innocent and not in any way violated human dignity and human rights!

But they forget their reign of terror can only last that LONG, just a matter of time when all tyrants and pirates meet their maker and creator.

It will then be too late to repent and beg for forgiveness from the citizens which they have abused and ill-treated!

How can man-kind last for another century, only god knows, if things do not change and become even worst. The animal kingdom does not even behave like this, aren’t we all ashamed that we humans are worst now than ANIMALS?     


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