The Euro 2012

June 30, 2012

The hot favorites all packed and left for home, namely Holland, Germany, Portugal, France & England.

WHY? Well winning is all that matters, a goal is still a win, thus teams who have strong league at home does not mean anything at International Levels! PERIOD! 

LEAVING SPAIN TO FACE ITALY, the defending champions are likely to have a hard time against a spirited Italian side, hounded by the press just a week before kick-off for all the wrong reasons, game fixing and bribes!

Yet they prevailed to proof a point, they have good players and have national pride, off course all was affected by all the negative press reports on the scandals, after all its ITALY, Mafias rule still.

Money works in strange ways, so does pride and prestige to win and make a point!

The press animals will work for money also, to bring others down or prop up others, it depends on who pays more!

The world is a strange place to be, money can move mountains as they say, but here its big money too, the bookies are also working full-time, and extra time as well.

The betting world is huge – billions worth, not by just betting on the final winning team,  there are now so many forms, half a goal, who scores first, first half results, how many yellow/red cards, any extra time, penalties, the list goes on and on!

So lets see if Italy can upset and upstage the Spanish team tomorrow night!    


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