May 31, 2012

The old idiom – Money is the Root of All Evil!

The truth is – does it happen all the time?

It depends, I guess, lets put a few scenarios to test!

A very rich man who can afford everything:

1. Buys himself a Big House, some more than 1 maybe, some buy it all over the world, he need not stay in Hotels. Some buy it to keep their mistresses! 

2. He buys a super yacht and super jets – he travels as he pleases anytime with his entourage, doing everything not possible in a commercial jet!

3. He stays overseas, to avoid prying eyes, observing and talking about him and what he likes to do, most of the time naughty things! 

4. He buys and sells things which maybe contraband or illegal when the money is right, someone will do the bidding and willing parties are ever-present to do it! 

5. He throws expensive parties, eat the best meals and drink the best wines, invites super models and playthings for fun sake!

6. He makes things happen, to his wish, whims and fancies, because there are willing people who are desperate enough to do it for a right price!

7. He buys the best horses, fastest cars and best camels to race so that he surely will win!

8. He surely can silence his competitors, adversaries and enemies with the right connections and right paychecks, guns for hire is never a problem. 

9. He surely can buy over any business, if he chooses too, for a right price, just too tempting to be resisted & refused. 

10. He surely can influence others to take his side anytime & all the time, when the money is enough!

Just 10 simple scenarios of what can happen when Money is abused and misused! It becomes very EVIL! After all there are another 10 simple virtues if one is to do good with the richness and wealth that one has in abundance!  We shall talk about that another time. 


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