May 31, 2012

Sometimes one wonders – why do accidents happen and why do people get killed, hurt and maimed?

The answer is simple – it was fated! Written in the books!

But, if we do take precautions and take steps to provide some sense of safety and then the accident happens, I think we should live with it and then only can say – “AS FATED”

This is what happens most of the time, after the accident happened, another big enquiry, in-depth investigations, special panels of experts, turn over all stones, seek expert opinions and what NOT! After the investigations are completed: “I bet we never ever get to see the reports, lots of money spent having so called experts gathered and crack their heads on endless & sleepless days and nights.” How dumb can society be? 

Another favorite pastime is the blame GAMES, it starts immediately, they will even blame their mothers for not saying a prayer for them! Everyone is wrong accept themselves, some will even blame it on GOD!

When do humans learn, or they never ever WILL!

The poor chap losses his limbs, breaks both his legs and arms and the poor man’s father says: I take it ‘as fated’, how gracious can one be! I guess what is done, cannot be undone, but can we avoid another such incident or accident in the future?   

We shall see if this same folks ever learn or fail to learn anything at ALL!

Till the next disaster strikes!


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