The Evil of Drinking & Gambling

May 25, 2012

The world has two big problems facing human kind, they can’t FIND a way to solve it till today, does it serve any good purpose and create better THINGS?

Humans are forever misled, abused and used!

What good does alcohol do to the human body? How much goodness is there, as compared to its harmful effects.

So much have been said, so-called researched conducted to justify that drinking will serve the body some goodness, isn’t that a sales gimmick, which company that produces products will say that their products are half-baked and second class! How can it justify the problems and saddest it brings to others, more often innocent ones, families break up, children suffers, poor wives beaten.

Then we have so much of health problems related and contributed to drinking and intoxication! The ones producing it and making the big money will always find a way to justify all their claims, good health is their best BET!

Same goes with Gambling – it is a rich man’s dream to become even richer, and a poor man’s dream of trying to become rich! They will publish the once in a while BIG winners and be proud of the efforts to have made another person RICH.

How many people lost everything due to gambling? How many families broke down because of it? Innocent lives wasted because of it, all due to the mistakes of others! Children cannot got to school because there aren’t any money to pay for books and pay school fees, what more pocket-money for the kid! 

How many times did we hear instant millionaires being made because they won BIG money in this world. But we often hear misery of others, who lost everything, they never get the publicity like those who win big, the losers outnumber winners by a million to ONE! Have we seen any CASINOS and Gambling Business closing down in this world, why?

The maths will show that the ODDS is always against the Gambler! 

How can sane people and clever people still can’t see that ?   


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