What Makes A Good Leader

May 24, 2012

I have spoken about poor and bad leaders that we have in the past and today globally, now lets’ talk about how to make them GOOD instead.

They say it’s the reverse of what bad leaders do, is it that simple? Certainly it takes more than that to become a good leader!

It boils down to the personality, which we are all very well aware of. I think previously I wrote about how leaders come into being.

The world may have the following types of leaders leading them, some of the probabilities of how they were made leaders:

  1. Naturally Born Leaders – this types are hard to come by, they have the natural gift to lead even from young, one can observe them when in play school, those hard-headed, tough talking, dominant types, who always want things done their way only. How they polish themselves or rather others polish them is left to be seen later in life to become either good or bad leaders. Some may even become dictators, autocrats and iron-fisted tyrants. If the process is right, we will be lucky to have excellent leaders which really can lead and achieve great success, provided they f=do not forget the roots and basics of being human and humility towards the others they rule over or lord over.
  2. Nurtured Leaders – this type could well be from rich and famous families, privilege roots and aristocratic families, since birth they were trained and prepared for future roles in the leadership chain of command. Carefully guided, tutored and coaxed to take over the reins eventually one day, when the right time comes. Whether they have what it takes or make to become a good leader does not matter, their job is to stay the course and take their rightful place when it happens! This could well be a grave mistake, what if they are not performers and not capable to be a leader at all? Disaster awaits with open arms for all hell to happen and break-loose! Some could well be forced to accept the positions, which is against their own free will! Do they have a choice, some yes others NO!
  3. Accidental Leaders – This type does occur once in a while, it happens when the leader at the throne dies a sudden death and there is no one else to take over probably.  Being the son or closes to the throne he or she sits in the chair, ill-prepared and not willing at times! In elected leadership this may also occur, when the current leader steps down due to unforeseen circumstances which is unavoidable. Whether they perform or not depends on the individual himself. At times, the scenario happens when there is no more probable candidates to take over, others decline or have other reasons for not willing to become a leaders.
  4. Forced to Become Leaders – this is the saddest group of humans, they have been deprived of their freedom to live a simple life and enjoy the simple things a layman does, all their life, things are ‘all ready and done for them’.  They wished if only they could be left alone and not be hounded and tortured daily. They do not have a real life per-say, their time, schedule and all other stuff is decided by others. Who they see, what they eat, what they say, what they wear and how they behave is dictated to them from very young.  Kings and Queens wished all their children to become their heirs one day, so preparation stage starts the day they were born into this world, all the pomp and splendour forever till they go to the grave, that also will be full of ceremonies even in death!
  5. Reluctant Leaders – those who had no choice or never designed to be one, no one else could do the job at hand, they were virtually forced to become one, as similar to scenario above. We have seen these circumstances happened before and will continue to happen even in the very near future. The world is losing time to find and seek for good and capable leaders, true leaders of men and nations, countries for the betterment of mankind. Maybe there will be a time when everyone will become reluctant to lead anymore!  
  6. Aspire to be Leaders – some humans have ambitions, so deep and convince that they dream of great things when given the chance to become a leader. All their life, they day-dream to become somebody, leader of a sports team, lead a community, lead a corporate body/company, some even aspire to lead a nation. They have so much to offer if given the chance and opportunity. Others may have to buy their way through, bribe many others and even destroy some to achieve their dreams.
  7. Desperadoes – History has shown us that human beings would go to great extent and length to realize their dreams, even cause the losing of life and destroying many others is not a big deal to them. This we will term as ‘despot leaders’, they will cling on to power no matter what happens, the “End Justifies The Means” all the TIME! They are sore losers, because they ‘fear retribution’ from others who they HAVE SINNED greatly! They do not want to be hauled to the courts to face real justice and die in JAIL!

So, when these scenarios are presented we can find out that the shape and form of the potential leaders will behave in a certain manner or way, reluctant or savouring it.  The huge responsibilities comes with wisdom and careful planning if he is to make GOOD, otherwise he can enjoy himself and screw up the people, not bothering whatever may happen. This is what we see today when we study the shape and situation facing these nations in grave trouble.

As a true leader, are we to care for the others first and always or take care of ourselves and immediate parties first, the priorities are very important and critical.

It either makes or breaks a leadership, that simple! Caring, sharing and loving the subjects is of utmost importance to be a good leader, the heartfelt and humility, humanness is very vital in any leader!             

Another virtue to become a great leader is the humane part, the god-fearing part, no matter what he beliefs and in whatever form or any religion he professes! His conscience which can prick his inner soul to do the right thing all the time, not for himself but the masses! As a leader he must be aware that at times the right thing might not be liked and favoured by everyone.

The events that happens in any country or situation that prevails is never foreseen or forecasted accurately all the time! We can plan and execute actions to make good for the nations interests, is it going to be the right and best decision, only time will tell. The gamble would be if it fails and the possible repercussions and ripples to be faced by the leader!

They say no risk no gain – but at times the gamble for any plans of actions to succeed maybe too great and failure is never an option. Sometimes, they are faced with hard decisions and critical situations, which may break their stay and threaten the position held. They would just fall because of a failed plan or wrong decision. At times they are not forgiven at all.

So the bottom-line is simple – be a humane leader, who really care for the masses, have great humility, compassion, understand the plight of the deprived and under privilege, take care of the poor and sick.   

Humans need three very basic things to live – food, shelter and security!

Keep them fed – enough of food to go around, not to be too expensive, food must be healthy, safe to consume, must never be manipulated or monopolized by greedy opportunists!

Have simple yet suitable affordable homes – do not make it impossible for the masses to own a simple yet comfortable home, it is not meant for the rich only, everyone should have a roof over their heads!

The environment and society at large should be safe – there must be sufficient safety provided for the populace to live in, to work, to play and enjoy the freedom. The problem with crime rate and criminals should be positively and aggressively addressed!

To drive a nation forward, the leader must envisage the following traits:

  1. A good system of governance that ensures fair play, equality, sincerity, honesty and accountability. No one shall be victimize and discriminated in any way. There must be check and balances in any system, this to ensure accountability and responsible leadership!
  2. The education is to equip the future generations to become potential leaders and good managers, with the best knowledge and skills. From the very first year of schooling till PHD level, the nation should encourage all to achieve their maximum and education should be at no cost. For it brings out the best in everyone and therefore we have the best brains to build the nation. 
  3. The good health of the citizens is another important factor, a nation needs not only bright brains but also healthy bodies to work and perform, therefore, medical care must be assured and guaranteed to the general public for free. We need the best equipment, best doctors and the best specialists to be in the organization.
  4. The general consensus of the nation must be taken into consideration seriously, as some leaders tend to forget that, it is the people who put them where they are actually, it is not the other way round. Leaders must be good listeners first before they can lead well.  There is a saying that one cannot please everybody and everyone, but if the majority agrees and supports the idea, it would already be a success! Consensus means unity in thought and ideas and having commonly shared ideals for the betterment of society.
  5. The great leader must be a good communicator, he conveys his views, opinions and plans convincingly to the subjects, and has the ability to justify all his actions with rationale and simple logic. His thorough understanding of things and matters which is of utmost important to the masses. His ability to resolve issues, solve problems and manage crisis. This comes from his ability to analyse and think critically, thus arriving at good solutions/decisions.

We desperately need to identify and quickly search for decent human beings who will “put the nation above self-interest first, all the time and every-time”. Thus, for once we will get good leaders that we can look up to and depend on!

We need to trust the potential leader, for if he promises and does not deliver we will in the end suffer for a long time. Trust is not built-in one day, it needs to be developed our a period of time and carefully monitored, positive actions makes the most important impact. He must walk the talk all the time and every time. Assured promises, are good if they are being fulfilled timely & properly, not just do it for the sake of doing. 



2 Responses to “What Makes A Good Leader”

  1. Allan Hovis Says:

    A good leader should be open-minded, responsible, determined to do the right things and to achieve the company’s goals, a person who knows how to motivate others and so on.
    We can learn about this subject and not only at Toronto strategy consultant courses. I’ve followed some of these and I’ve spent such a great time.

  2. Thank you my dear friend, Allan Hovis for the comments made on my short story. Appreciate it very much. The world needs more leaders who are trustworthy and who really care trully who they lead!

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