What is A PIRATE & A Tyrant?

May 24, 2012

In the past Pirates will raid and take what they want, kill who they want and rape whoever they want, there is no MERCY! They go away to far away land and plunder others. They will chop off heads to make a point, without second thoughts.

Today there are modern pirates – but they remain the same in their modus operandi. They still rob, steal, plunder and rape, at times will even KILL as well! They will even do it at their own backyard, no need to sail the seven seas anymore, for it is too risky and time-consuming!

So there is actually nothing different from ancient times pirates and now the modern-day pirates, with their very high-technology scandals and cheats.

They make plans to enrich themselves and clear the country off all its richness and make their family and friends super powerful and rich.

They still use fear and intimidation and the GUN to harm and to put down the victims, or those who dare to challenge them and spoil their plans!

So who are they today in this world?


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