The Leaders

May 3, 2012

If this world sits back a very short moment and reflect on the current global situation, there is one sure thing which an observer can conclude!


From the Eastern Shores of Russia – where Putin is now being questioned about his sincerity and honesty about his “cleanliness” as a former President and now again voted “IN” again as the new President of the 2nd most powerful nation on earth.

His background as the Chief of the KGB another powerful organ of the state, which can do wonders to people who goes against them. This is no secret, the world have too many stories to read about, hear and witnesses are a plenty! His fortunes run into Billions as alleged during his first reigned as the top-dog! Maybe that will be an apt word to use for not so good leaders or bad leaders! By nature the top-dog will always bully the lesser dogs in the packs, it is an animal instinct kind of natural behaviour. Top-dogs gets the best meat, bones and best hooch off course!  

They take all the goodies and leave behind the crumbs for the lesser dogs, some dogs don’t have any at all left to feed on! If this is not sad, what else is? So, now the people have a problem, they are hungry, feel cheated and felt betrayed. What do they do? They climb over the fence and try to grab some crumbs to stay alive from the top-dog!

When this happens, guess what, the top-dog uses his muscles, that is his other loyal dogs to bark, chase off and even BITE the pariah dogs! So there goes the saying – ‘It is a dog eat – dog world’ !

Now we going West – President Barrack H. Obama is facing an assault on his 2nd term re-elections, all his weakness is revealed from his first term, all his failed policies, failed promises, failed missions abroad – WARS which wasted lives, money & enormous resources. What has he achieved – Killing Osama B Ladin, that’s about all, this is also questionable! The secrecy behind the operation and the revelations after it keeps minds sceptical till this day. His biggest failure in solving homeland issues and foreign policies will put him in bad light, despite his last-minute secret trip to sign a deal with Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan in the wee hours of the morning!

After all they claim that they are the NO 1. The world leader! Everyone must follow them and listen to them and obey them! They are the truest BULLIES and World MAFIA. It is either you are with me OR against ME! But they have failed miserably to lead this world to make it a better place to live!  Instead made it a much more dangerous place to BE! They love to threaten to wage WARS against anybody who are not in favor of what they do, think and feel!

Next we go tho his 1st cousin – the UK, the current PM is also in a hot shit situation too, his coalition is not having a cozy time, very shaky and uncertain many a times. Too many under currents and issues that surfaced which put the media tycoons in the limelight for all the wrong reasons! Rupert Murdoch is unfit to lead – I wonder if that is just a lame excuse to throw all of us from the real truth, which is a much bigger mess actually!

Who to else to  blame but the old helpless man – who was used and abused conveniently by the powers that BE at one time to serve their agendas and purpose! Now that he is laid bare, what choice has he – but to take all the blame, blunders and crap and just shut-up! “Money is the root of all Evil” – otherwise we would not have coined this phrase at all, thanks to the BRITS! Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts Absolutely, another British term.  

Next we will go to the real Mid-East, the Spring Tide has started and not receded, Syria is currently the “Pit-Stop”, is it going away, I guess no WAY is the answer. Daily reports shows it is not a stale-mate, but a check-mate, it is  matter of time that the cards will fall and crumble. Once the people thinks it is about time we wake-up and get back what we deserve, there is no stopping them, not even death and misery will! No amount of guns, bullets, bombs and missiles can stop the human being from fighting till his death for his real FREEDOM & DIGNITY!

IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, TUNISIA, EGYPT, LIBYA – They are now fighting another battle to find a footing to rebuild and restart with respectable leaders, it is another battle up-hill, because they will be those aspiring to lead but are not really true leaders but JUST opportunists!

Baharian – is bracing itself for a possible all out uprising, wonder when all hell will break loose?

THE 10,000 DAYS WAR IN VIETNAM – Is the lesson to be learnt, but humans are very forgetful, they have very short memories and repeat the same mistakes others have done!

What did all these failed leaders did to their people and countries that made them all FALL in disgrace?

From Asia, Europe, Americas and Mid-East – I am pretty sure that there are common traits and commonalities that all of them CONFIRMED failures have!

ASIA – for the time being seems a bit secured, but India and Pakistan is never far from any controversies amongst themselves and internally as well. China is busy making money, and loads of it till it angered some others! Who else but the Yankees!

Vietnam and the Philippines are feeling a bit of heat from Big Brother of the China Seas, his muscles are being Flex a bit too much, and yes big brother comes along and cool things down, how much can they do and what can they do? Wage another war, conflict or stir up dirt? They can’t afford to! The money wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq is way too much that the public can accept anymore, not to mention the many body-bags arriving home! 

So, if leaders do not take heed, do not blame others for your demise and failures, no one to be blamed but your own selfish self.!

As a leader – you ensure the masses EAT first and you eat Last, you take care of them not the other way round, you build up trust and confidence not destroy them, you ensure that they are properly schooled and in general good health, they have a place call home, they are reasonably safe and do not worry unnecessary about going anywhere at any time.

Ensure that they do not suffer huge inflation which is created to make – the rich richer and the poor much poorer! They have access to clean water & assured power supply 24/7! The food that they consume is safe and not too un-affordable. Whatever money to be spent must be done wisely and for the benefit of all and not just to make MONEY for a selected Few! Make the Rich pay more of Taxes and reduce the poor folks from any.

Social justice, equality and honesty is a hard word to come by currently in any given regime, BUT it has loads of scandalous moments in its STORES instead!

Last but not least – the criminals have to worry about answering to the courts if and if they are ‘not forgiven’, when they lose power. Hosni Mubarak is being dragged to courts even on a strecther and in a hospital bed! This is really frightening the OTHERS, for their fate maybe the SAME!

AT THIS JUNCTURE – OLD AGE IS NOT  an excuse NOT to be Jailed for a crime committed!

The law is neutral – as they say, you break it you pay for it. Maybe so, or is anyone above the man-made LAWS! Laws should not be feared at all, it must be understood that it is in-place to check things and remind those intending to break them that there are consequences to face.

 Otherwise we shall not see justice done here immediately and we shall only be assured that all evil will eventually end, when it all ends!

The final judgment will be FINAL.


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