March 16, 2012

Does this word ever go away?

Killing, murders, rapes, all acts of anger, rage or maybe insanity!

With the death of another innocent child down south, this country is faced with another tragedy awaiting to happen. Parents have been told to be extra careful with children especially with the rampant kidnappings occurring lately. They not only sell off the kids, some are used as beggars and forced to work, others being harvested for internal organs. This is really SICK! Humans have turned to worst than animals, willing to steal a life from loving parents and earn dirty money desperately!

Are the parents wrong by saying that we ‘shall revenge’ for the death of their lost child or murdered child or sexually abused child!

Is society going to say ‘No’ we have the laws to deal with ‘IT’, let it takes its ‘Course’!

The question here is: Can REAL justice be administered in the END!


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