The Afghanistan

March 7, 2012

A Long Silence

Today yet another 6 British soldiers died in a vehicle bombing at the roadside while travelling in a warrior humvee. According to the PM  to date no less than 400 over troops have perished in a far away land. What is the real reason to send troops to die in a far away land which has no bussiness to do with Britian? The Brits plan to bring back their boys by 2014, guess many more will be coming home in bodybags before that period arrives! Is it worth IT ALL?

The war in Afganistan is much longer than the two world wars put together they say, yet forces are still lock in battle, for what and for whom is the deaths for? Is the UK thinking of ruling this country, no outsiders have ever managed to tame this battle hardy citizens, fron Russians to Americans.   Or impose their will unto them.  What more rule over them and make them tamed.

The world has many more other problems to solve and resolve, rather than wating human lives here. Let the people rule themselves, we can’t impose our values unto them, they have every right to exist and run their own lifes. Why can’t the West think for a very brief moment, what if others imposed their values unto them?  

Must the world have only one kind of governance? Either a US style democracy or British type of Monarchy? Is the West worried that the ruling government will not favor their request or play the game according to their written rules!

We have seen in sports itself, how the West manipulate the rules and laws of the game in their favor, the likes of Badminton with a 22 points scoring system, instead of 15. The Asians were champions for so long, why – because it ws more favorable, because of the short game, speed,agility and stamina of the smaller asian palyers.   Just look at the rules of field hockey, whereby one can turn 360 degrees and hack the ball, with goalkeepers padded up and lying down and close the goalmouth like a giant panda!  It is always to the advantage of the West, they are much bigger in size, and they insist on playing on the artificial turf, also towards their advantage. Field hockey was never a white mans game, it was the Asians! They Asian nations are not as rich and cannot build enough artificial turfs to train & play effectively!

They just want to win at all cost – so change the rules! Same as in Rugby Union, they now allow a player to be pick-up and assist him to catch the ball during line-outs, how many asians are built that way, like them white monsters!   They even allow players to handle the ball while lying on the ground, those days it is a foul!

The Moral of the story is here – you can’t win games byJUST changing the rules, not in wars! I guess maybe in sports and games one can, that also is a matter of time others will outsmart them WESTERN BULLIES!


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