January 30, 2012

Today I will pen a few words about this word “AMANAH”

We have in this country an organization called: ‘Khanzanah National Malaysia Bhd’ and it is supposed to take care of all the business for all Malaysians, all the Rakyat per say.

We also have another fund called ‘Skim Amanah Rakyat’ or SAR in short.

All these are to ensure that we have good fund managers and managing with good governance of all the public monies which is the hands of the Government of the Day!

What is Good Governance actually, we have heard so much about this word! Lately, we have seen scandals which frightens us all, are our monies in good hands, safe from plunderers, robbers and cheats?

All our hard earn monies are in banks, saving funds, and other government related entities so to speak. How sure are we they are all kept safely and no hanky-panky is going on, some have saved a lifetime to get to where they are today, real hard work, with lots of sweat, tears and back pains!

So, is our monies with the PEOPLE WHO ARE AMANAH?

This word is sacred. It means a lot.

As a good leader or manager this is the most important criteria of all! It shows goodness and nothing else, if one can understand this word, everything else falls into place nicely and we do not have scandals all over this world, not only this country suffers from “UN-AMANAH”! It is everywhere!  It is a disease of the HUMAN-HEART!


ONCE UPON A TIME – many moons ago, there was once a leader of mankind, he was a community headman, he would ask his visitor one question: “are you here on official business or personal matters”? If the answer was personal matters, he would blow out the oil-lamp he has and light up another, yes, he had 2 oil-lamps! The first, for only official public interest business usage, which means any matters relating to state matters, and the 2nd oil-lamp for any personal matters regarding personal problems and non-state affairs matters! 

This is a very good example of ‘AMANAH’ to the truest form!

He does not abuse his position as a ‘leader to use public funds, monies and assets to his whims and fancies’!

He spends his own monies for his private business and affairs, by burning his own personal oil-lamp! Do we still have god-fearing humans like these left in this world?

All leaders are to be honest, truthful, answerable, accountable, responsible and reliable when they rule and administer the state or country!

But are we having such values amongst out world leaders today?


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