January 25, 2012


The movies say that this is the year the world ends, a lot of humans belief that may come true, how astonishing humans can be! We have weather predictions and forecasting, now the new science is predicting the end of this world! Humans want to escape that, they want to live forever, they forget we must all die and mother earth and this world will also die eventually, to face our maker and receive our judgment. They resorted to building space stations with the hope that they can live & love there forever when mother earth crumbles and breaks-up. How can we explain this to humans with brains and learned beings with high degrees and PHDs’. They want escapism from even death, how amazing can they be?

Well, I will not blame them and their ignorance as to why we exist and what are we here for actually, is life only for here and now, and there is no more tomorrow after death? Let’s see what others have to say and what they think!

So far, the year started with a slight bang, the Water Dragon has been pouring quite some rain all over the globe, with snow storms and flooding/mudslides, they term it natural disaster! It is really so, or rather man-made, man and his dirty hands, ripping and raping mother earth of all its resources and inducing natural disasters.

When these things happen rarely do we hear people saying the ‘ACT OF GOD’, maybe because our dearest Minister of Works have left his portfolio and migrated far-far away now! His statement has truth in it, nothing can happen in this world unless the Almighty WILLS IT! He is absolutely right, god makes everything happen for a reason, may it be GOOD or BAD! These are the lessons which we are supposed to learn from, by seeing, observing and looking! Most of all realising that we are the cause of it ALL! The little hands of humans destroy the world, the greedy hands and dirty hands that rule the world, with no conscience and feelings!

Leaders who fail to be responsible, answerable and accountable will have their day in COURT!

The courts where justice shall prevail and nobody will be victimized, no one escapes his JUDGMENT.

The Almighty never punishes anyone wrongly! He, on the other hand forgives us most of the time instead!  So leaders be aware you shall not escape his wrath if you fail in your duties as assigned and entrusted upon you to lead wisely, honestly and sincerely, holding on to the truth and nothing but the whole truth, so help ye GOD!


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