December 2, 2011

It has been quite some time since I wrote in the Blog, so many things have been happening locally as well as abroad. Time sure flies and we are at the last month of the year 2011.


The predictions for dooms day as those soothsayers say will be next year -2012, lets’ all see if they are right!

This evening Al-Jazeera on its primetime program called “Empire” talked and discussed about a probable pre-emptive strike on IRAN, to stop it on its tracks of achieving its nuclear arsenal.

The discussion was very mind-boggling and interesting the least to say, the panel was made up of experts on the middle-east region, EU representative and hosts of other academicians from leading strategic and intelligence bodies.

They were all saying that the world is a little too near to and all-out WAR of great consequences indeed. The big picture is – is US ready to flex its muscle right now, when its own home front is confronted with too much economic blunders! Same goes with the EU states which we are going to see more damage by the early of next year!

Israel is another factor, does it want to take the risk of being severely damaged if they strike IRAN first! Is the world going to just sit and watch and not react, the NATO allies, UN, Islamic countries and the international community at large!       

The other super-powers, the likes of China and Russia has too much at stake invested in Iran, not to mention other Latin American states as well.

The “black gold” will sky rocket if that region goes into a turmoil mode for sure, can the world have that scenario and situation? Already the prices of it has sky rocketed, the global economy is bleak and the forecast for the coming months points towards a global recession & great depression!

If war does break out it may well spell the World War III, maybe that will bring the doomsday theory true!


The middle-east so-called Arab Spring has yet to end, with Syria being the next focal point, is it going to fall or will it survive! The rest that fell: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya & Yemen, the question now is: will Bahrain be the next? Or are there anymore in store for the world to see changes in the way people want their country to be ruled and managed!

Leaders that forget they have been chosen to lead and manage has defaulted and they pay a heavy price indeed, the word a ‘leader’ has many connotations to it, do we give them absolute powers to rule or do we expect them to be accountable and responsible/answerable!

They forfeit the right to lead when they crossed that very fine and thin line called “RESPONSIBLE” or in Malay it is called – “AMANAH”, the people entrusted them with a responsibility to govern and rule squarely and justly!


But people in power sometimes forget this sacred word and they abused the system for whatever reasons they might have, and that brings down a nation for sure, it is not just about bread & butter issues anymore, humans wants to be treated fairly and justly!


Global warming is showing itself by the day, its ugly head has not spread anybody and many countries are still trying to get out of it and recover from extensive lost and damage to its economy, agriculture and overall livelihood.

Thailand was hit hardest with almost 4 months of flooding, the capital city was submerged, something unprecedented that nobody expected it to happen!

Australia was no different, the flooding caused havoc to personal homes, work, business and agriculture as well. New Zealand survive the quake and was also brought down slightly and is trying its’ best to recover now!

Many other nations suffered severe weather patterns and crops failed, famine was hitting Somalia and other states, even US had droughts in Texas, where cattle ranchers was virtually doing the rain dance daily.

Europe had its own problems in the banking industry, not related to the weather but man-made disaster, with all the greedy bankers and speculators dirty hands at work!

Japan suffered a big blow with the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that brought the economy of the country down for a while, luckily it did managed to recover, although the real damaged was left to be seen, as far as nuclear related disasters are concerned, it does take some time to settle!

Well, lets’ all see what is in store for us the global community in another 3 weeks from now, is it going to be a better year or is it going to be bleak? Is the next 12 months going to see some peace globally or more uprisings will happen, OR ARE WE BRACING FOR AN EXTREME  WEATHER PHENOMENA!



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