The word No Bad Soldiers but Really Bad Officers

October 23, 2011

This is an article which we were told and reminded time and again, since the very first day we stepped into the service, yet nobody explained it carefully. Today I shall take ‘5’ minutes to explain what it all meant!

The officers are considered “Leaders” in the military profession so they are to LEAD! As in any uniform body, the decision making and thinking processes rest with the leaders. If it is bad orders or bad plans the soldiers being followers will follow and suffer the consequences!

Therefore soldiers do not hold the responsibility to think, plan and dispense orders. If solders die in battle for no apparent reason or due to the incompetency of the officer and leader, it is all because the officer is BAD! He made a big mistake and made a bad decision, because he was incompetent and not GOOD!

Therefore the term qualifies itself!


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