Failed Economics

October 5, 2011

The world is seeing another financial crisis about to blow up, and this time it is getting bigger and getting even worst, war may just break up!

When the great nations of one time collapse, there are bound to be somebody who needs to be blamed. They cannot be telling their countrymen that they have failed to managed their own economies back home, find someone convenient to lay the blame ON! This time its is the BIG RED Dot – CHINA!

Yes, the Yankees are crying foul over the under valued Yuan of China, they blame all their economic woes and troubles on China’s cheap markets and cheap products which makes US goods very expensive and not competitive – making cheap and selling cheap from China has conquered the global markets!

They are trying to force China to revalue its currency, how smart, and China holds US hard dollars by the trillions in CASH! So do or die US mutt heads are dead in the frying pan! They can’t move forward neither can they back track anywhere!

The next solution is maybe create a small  WAR somewhere – Mid East would be ideal now since Palestine and Israel conflict resolution sees no light at the end of the runway!

Syrian troubles are on-going, Libya still unfinished business!

Russia and China Vetoed on the Syrian affair in the Security Council just a day ago, angering the EU & US very much, how nice a game played out to hit the Yankees balls back after they Vetoed the Free Palestine Statehood Issue recently!

If the Chinese decides to got to war with the Yankees, maybe Russia may chip in and help payback the Yankees some long overdue medicine by siding China!  Just a Small Proxy War in Taiwanese Straits to shake the Yankees.  After all the Yankees are already broke, they must create jobs and create “needs” to stir up the market and economy!

When the American people finally get to realized that their Govt has hook-winked and fooled all of them for so long, they will surely get angry and create havoc for the ruling party! The leadership is in the biggest shambles they ever can get into, no work means no pay forget about food !

The world will see another big event just about to unfold!


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