October 4, 2011

I have been wanting to write about this topic or rather subject for a very long time! It struck my mind that this word is very special and has many meanings to it.  Loyal servant, a loyal subject, a loyal friend, a loyal partner and a loyal master! It depends on how one appreciates this value, it differs from one person to another, for being loyal – may have different connotations and meanings to it.

Just like a Dog, he maybe a very loyal friend to his master! Many a  times history has proven that dogs makes good and loyal companions and they will not leave their master even in death! On Many occasions the dog saved its master from sure death!  That is the story of the man & dog!

When humans come into play – the degree of loyalty differs in many circumstances and different situations, it cannot be generalized and put into one basket just like chicken eggs! There is so much variables and uncertainty as far as human loyalty is CONCERN!

Not too many days ago this was put into question by the NATION on a whole! Here we are in the year 2011, the Government is questioning our loyalty! As citizens of this country, who do we pledge our loyalty to?

As citizens the answer maybe different depending who is answering and who is being asked! A Form 5 kid and a working adult may think and believe in things differently! Their perceptions of things global and local are so distant apart, what more a well-traveled and informed person  may have different ideas altogether about loyalty compared to a farmer or rubber taper!

In the age of globalization and world without borders this definition is no more practical – it is more of “for fun sake more than people taking it seriously!”

Those were the days when “Blind Loyalty” is expected no matter what happens – and the  “do not bite the hands that feed you” type of scenario! I guess the humans today are no more slaves as they used to be and driven by fear anymore! Otherwise the recent uprisings and spring tides would not have happened and could not have happened !

I hope that all the events that unfolded before our eyes the world over has brought some senses to our beloved country and its people by and large! Otherwise we shall fall into the same trappings of a grave disaster waiting to happen! Each and every human being and fellow human being has his or her rights to choose of what is right and wrong, of what is good and bad, of what is divine & what is evil and who to be loyal to! It Cannot  and Shall NOT be Imposed. Otherwise we shall all be ” BRAINLESS ROBOTS”!

LOYALTY – It is not blinded by color, clouded by haze or distorted by – “X” Stories!


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