The Making of a Monster

September 30, 2011

Just a few weeks ago this country was thrown into a media frenzy again with many limelight grabbing headlines & sessions!

Yes, the spinners are all spinning real fast & furious, as though there is going to be the end of the world! Nothing happens as usual, people say the mind can only accept, receive and retain that much of news and knowledge..and also dirty stories. One tends to forget easily afterwards and when something newer & better catches his eyes & ears, the old news is conveniently forgotten, the new spin I am pretty sure it will be another colourful Scandal somewhere for sure! It has been tested and proven that MANY humans have very short MEMORIES INDEED!


This country have not enough of GOOD stories to tell the world how WE REALLY ARE, lets start from the Judiciary, PDRM, ATM, MACC…..all of them are government agencies and they work very unprofessionally because they know for a fact that they can’t be fired  ! This top 4 will do!

Let me just say this – you are the ones responsible for driving away all our nations potential investors. They can’t trust nobody here to do a decent clean JOB, with the amount of thrash in the media, day in and day out. The amount of scandals, controversies, oversights, corrupt practices, illegal dealings & mismanagement, who wants to pour their money here!

If there is no law & order, what does a country have, how does it run itself? How can all the foreign embassies report that “all is fine in MALAYSIA” to their respective governments and heads of states back home when they know very well all is “Not WELL” in this country!

Its a bit too late, for the rot already started 27 years ago, by you know who! It started from top down & that is why corruption is so damn high and rampant! Like the ole Malay proverb:



That is why we have such a rotten Govt!


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