Rugby & Politics

September 23, 2011

The game of Rugby is synonym with tough, rough and hard tackles, but the tradition is such that all rugby players say: “Rugby is a Ruffians Game played by Pure Gentlemen”!

As in the case of Soccer or Football “ A Gentlemen’s game played by Unruly Ruffians”!

Why is this so?

Tradition has a lot to do with it, in any country and club or team, they have upheld that Code of Honour very well! From the early years in schools, rugby teachers or masters instil good discipline and conduct on and off the field! They are professionals in their very own way, only recently we have professional full-time rugby players, those days people or persons who play rugby for their clubs and nations are 100% professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, military officer, police officers  and off course never ever politicians!

Players can tackles and knock down opponents with the meanest of tackles, rucks, mauls or scrums but at the end of the game each and every player will pat each other and shake hands! Some might end up with punch ups, pushing and shoving even get stab by the boots! But all is forgotten when the final whistle is blown. Not only that they will line up and ensure everyone shakes hands taking turns both ways. Off course by tradition all will sit down, sing their rugby songs and have a good laugh and drinks!

Ever notice if a referee pulls up a rugby player for any offense…does he protest, argue, swear  and charge at the referees in disgusting fashion? Never – there is where the gentlemen in every player ARE! Even if it means he is sinned-binned (being sent off to cool off for 5 or 10 minutes)!

Playing dirty is not a Rugby players’ intention, otherwise he is no rugby player at all!

Incidentally, ever heard of match violence before or after any game? Supporters clashing and fighting inside the stadiums, even if we see them carrying beer cans and drinking throughout the game they never get drunk and abuse others or themselves. Even the fans are all well behaved!

Have you ever seen team supporters needed to be separated in any match in any stadium? It proves that fans/supporters and players alike are principled and responsible people! Even after the game and during interviews the team captains and managers are so cool and give credit when due to the opponents.      

RUGBY Team managers and coaches never stay on the sidelines to give instrutions and directions to their teams and give any orders, they stay far away in the Box above the playing fields, everything is done by the players, they decide what they want to do, no need to be mothered like Soccer Managers!

Unlike the game of soccer we see these players cheating by diving, handling the ball with their hands, pulling jerseys and shorts, hackling & attacking the linesmen and referees! The worst example is Team Managers cursing and swearing at the Referees and Linesmen! The most sickening sight is somebody faking injury to claim for a red card or free penalty! After that they jump up and run as tough nothing has happen!  This is a real shame! The other puke action is the “time wasting & dirty tactics” – of going for the men instead of the BALL!

Ever seen football players line up properly and shake hands with their worthy opponents after the game, but we see players and managers houding the referee when the game is over whislt walking off the pitch! Football players are sore loosers they blame everybody except themselves for thier defeat!  

Have you ever heard of ‘RUGBY’ controversies outside the pitch with defamation, malice & scandals amongst the players, officials and teams? Unlike soccer where teams condemn each other, players tell lies, they jump ship with the most stupid of excuses and off course they play for MONEY and never loyalty! BTW – have you heard of bribery and throwing away matches or fixing matches in any rugby match or games? 

I equate soccer players to POLITICIANS – They are fakes and real cheats!


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