September 17, 2011

This word is very scared indeed! We have been seeing lately that world leaders have gone overboard in their actions and intentions! The Arab Spring has sprung up for reasons that the world knows. The leadership is being questioned, after years of tolerance the bubble has finally bust. Is it  a new thing people may ask, to me it is nothing new. Humans are tolerant lot, but when the push and shove cannot be tolerated any longer the walls will crumble and it will be broken ultimately.

The will of the people cannot be underestimated, leaders who fail are those that are ignorant, stubborn and think themselves as unfailable beings, they forgot how many others have fallen because of their egoistic and in humane actions!

THEY SAY PEOPLE – will wake up when they are hungry and that makes them very angry! their lives at this point means little and they care very little of whatever consequences they face if they take actions.  

This actions leads to bloodshed and death, sufferings and more turmoil. But the people say we have lost everything, what more can we lose? We need to find a better future if it means we perish for others to survive and have a better future, sacrifices are made for the small and little things they do today means a lot in the future, the future of their children and generations to come. A brighter future hopefully for those who survive.

Leaders must lead with conscience and lead with sincerity, honesty and most of all the fear of the almighty and its retribution. Just because they have the power today it does not mean it will last forever, many great empires have vanished and crumbled because they failed to see the needs of the masses!

The almighty works in strange ways, and yes there is no stopping the people for hoping & praying for divine interventions, it has happened before and will continue to happen, something which I strongly believe! As they say each event happens for a reason, there is no such thing as coincidence, it is his will that things happen the way it does, the “cause & effect” theory is no fallacy! Only humans who are weak and in a state of denial overlook this important events & things!

The guiding principles of good leadership has been spoken of, taught and imparted for many many years, but when leaders fail to realize its importance they will surely fail! The leaders fail to realize that the people are his responsibilities as his subjects! They will not tolerate nonsense if that nonsense can no longer be tolerated! Extremes of richness, poverty, too powerful  and deprivation is a sure recipe of conflict and disaster  for any organization and any state!

Lets hope we will not have this at our footsteps any sooner than necessary. Lets have a cool head and listen to what others have to say, judge by having good intentions and rule and lead with a good heart! Otherwise leaders will be persecuted and prosecuted for sure!


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