September 16, 2011

Since the story of Mat Indera hit the nation a lot more stories came flying out, isn’t it strange of this country! To have debates and forums talking about Independence or MERDEKA of this nation of 54 years old! We just celebrated Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day today ( 16th Sept ) for the very first time a joint celebration!

Many historians join in the fray, from former leaders, Professors and re-known history gurus’ gave their 5 cents worth about our Malayan history. I have written earlier before the matter “arose” that history is for the victors to write and others to dispute!

We claimed now that Malaya was never colonized by any foreign powers! We were administered by Governors appointed by the British Government, they were all only acting as adviser of the Queen of England!

Firstly, why was the Union Jack lowered on 31st August 1957, when all eyes saw it was an English Flag! It was replaced with the Jalur Gemilang, then called the Bendera Malaysia?
Why did we become part of the Commonwealth of Nations, if were never under British Rule?
Why did we organize the CHOGM – all heads of Commonwealth Heads attended the meeting in KL?
Why did we organize the commonwealth Games in 1998 in KL?
Why does our PM attend CHOGM meetings till today, every year without fail?
Why do we have war memorials of the British Army in Malaya from Sabah, Sarawak to West Malaysia?
Why did Tunku go to London to negotiate with the English Government for our Independence?
Why was it called the Independence of Malaya in the historical records in the museums in London, England?
Was it the Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesians, Indians, Japanese or Chinese because all of them were here before the British Empire landed and established a BMA ( British Malayan Administration ).
I feel that were all wronged in trusting the British when they wrote our history books after 1957 and we all studied it blindly in school!

Believing STUPIDLY that we were ruled by the British!

I do hope the Orang Asli or Orang Asal as they are called today can tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because they were the original peoples, rather occupiers/land settlers/owners and sons of the soil of this distorted nation, all others came from somewhere!


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