September 8, 2011

HISTORY –  a very funny but yet interesting subject, people say: “we learn from History so that we do now make the same mistakes that others have made before, without history what are we today yet other may say!” 

For me, it depends on who writes the History, is it the Victor or Vanquish? There are two sides to a story and coin too, therefore it becomes A VERY subjective, more than objective, whoever writes, is OF utmost importance, what is his true agenda really?

Saddam Hussein will be remembered differently by the US soldiers, as well as his own people and more so if they are from a different Clan!

How can history ever be told as it is?

Even the British hid so many facts from us – Admiral Alexandar Cheng HO the great seafaring Naval seamen sailed the high seas from China across to Malaya and handed over Princess Hang Li Po for the Sultan of Malacca to marry, but what it just that only, what about the other Hang’s! The likes of Hang Tuah, Jebat, Lekir, Kasturi and Leqiu? Were they also from China as part of the entourage acting as personal bodyguards to the Princess who married the Sultan of Malacca and stayed on for good?

Who were they actually, why they remain a mystery until today, if the Sultan has his grave what happened to all this Chinaman & Chinawomen….is there some facts being hidden?  

The British never even mentioned the Admiral’s real name or maybe the Malay historical writers ignore his real name –  ADMIRAL MUHAMMAD CHENG HO or SHENG ZHEE as he was known to his own countrymen then! He was a Muslim Admiral with 600 ships, some even claimed he was the real discoverer of USA the Yankees went berserk when National Geographic ran a documentary proving he really was the one! Christopher Columbus was not even born yet, what more sucking his mums teats, when this great Admiral conquered the world! His Naval fleet was the largest at that time, he could sail without having to worry about pirates and shortage of food, he had ships carrying all the food, water and stores required!

He never was told or ordered by the Emperor of China then, to capture or conquer the far away lands, they were only interested in trade ties and good relations. Unlike other European colonialists!

So folks, it all depends who writes it and what he wants others to read about “His Story”…NOT HISTORY..IT IS ACTUALLY —- “HIS-STORY” !


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