September 6, 2011

Only a Bloody Big FOOL would jump into a pond full of Crocs, knowing fully well that they are all HUNGRY!

That is exactly what happens to FOOLs who think they know everything and can KOW TIM everyone in this world, what fools are they – UMNO-PUTRA!

What does the so called President of UMNO PUTRA knows about the Somalis?

Have they ever been briefed before them Idiots took off for Somalia?

Who was briefing them Idiots, I do hope they are not idiots themselves, as well!

Many have ventured into Somalia came back alive and vowed never to ever set foot again in that place! I for one has the opportunity to serve twice in Somalia, and I think I know what it’s like there, enough to say never ever want to be near it anymore!

Here we have a kampong folk &  “JAGUH KAMPUNG”  by the name of Azzzeeezzz who knows nothing about conflict, war zones and civil wars pretending he is god almighty! He is to be held responsible for this uncalled for DEATH – sure everyone is saying he died a HERO, but think about the wife, the kids & his  parents….can money bring back the dead?

Ask Azzezzz how many cars he sold thus far? Can he make enough money to support the kids future needs for life! What if the Azzezzzz himself was SHOT DEAD, how would his wife and family feel? No amount of praise and money can bring him back, life is just too precious!

SURE people say “TAKDIR” – I would say ‘BODOH’, sudah tahu ada buaya masih hendak terjun ke dalam sungei and nicely “BLAME TAKDIR!” It reminds me of SAMY VELOO – another “ACT OF GOD”!

The most sickening thing is we hear statements like : “we will study the case and make sure it does not happen again, we must take proper precautions….hey that poor soul is gone, dead and gone….why now only think of the RISK!”


The military missions to Somalia was conducted not too far back – 3 units deployed!

Can’t anyone get information?

Many have gone to do good but never came back alive – that is the truth of the matter, even Ex-Military officers from MAF was killed! Not to mention we lost 3 good soldiers there as well! AREN’T THEY ALL NOT HEROES AS WELL, why are they not recognised? Why are they not publicised, why are they not paid that much? JUST READ – all the sob stories in all the newspapers! I would not be surpised he gets a PGB or even SP! Malaysia truly BOLEH!

WHY THE BIG PUBLICITY STINT – to help the needy Somalis thousands of miles away! Very Good – Niat is very Suci, but there are thousands of MALAYS and other Poor folks in this country yang “KIAS PAGI MAKAN PAGI” yet they are not being looked at, assisted and given aid!

Just watch TV3 – “BERSAMA MU” every Wed night at 0900pm….how many yet unknown, not traced, not detected as YET!

My take is simple – stop having the camera show what you give and how much you give, the left hand should not know what the right hand GIVES!

UMNO PUTRA stop playing games which kills humans and destroys families! You do not need the pubilicity to become the next President of UMNO if that is what you yearn or aspire to BE!

My very sincere advice – AZZEZ Go sell more cars, support the bereaved family, bertaubat and ask god to forgive all your misdeeds, that would be much better, stop trying to become a POLITICAL ANIMAL!



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