August 26, 2011

Do Malaysians TRUST each other after 54 short years?

If they do, we certainly do not need Racially Based Political Parties anymore!

My two cents worth:

When a China-man walks on a street, and if there is a quarrel in a Malay dominated area just observed what happens, it works both ways, when A MALAY meets an accident with a non-malay, same goes when an Indian is in trouble with the law, how is he managed!

When a Malay walks into a Chinamans’ store, shop & outlet how is he treated, what price of goods is he sold at as compared to a Chinese buying there?

These are things which society has not be able to overcome, they help their own race first! Others are second in priority! So where are we heading to ? Is 1 Malaysia for real or still eons away?

The Chinese would rather be a small time shop keeper and business man, who owes nobody nothing & will start small and grow big eventually, wheras with all the help Malays awlays start big and can never end bigger but fail in the end miserably and wasted the chances/resources! Not to mention all borrowings and loans written off and never recovered!

From education, business and ventures the success rate is a matter of grave concern, and others are talking about it, bailouts, sellouts and shelve outs!

This is what we have today. How can trust be ever present!



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