August 24, 2011

With Tripoli virtually at its knees finally and Qadhafi & Co is nowhere to be seen, it seems the troubles are not over and done with, many say it has just begun! Are they going to hunt him down just like Saddam Hussein, put him on trial and execute him as well?

Some say he will fight till his last bullets even with his teeth, and never give up, surrender is not in his mind or either his option. It is so funny, the media has spun out of control I would say, all the big players CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera, with reporters and crew following the battle so ever closely and dangerously indeed, sometimes I think they are fools indeed. They are looking for heroes to be named or crave for recognition desperately!

One day it seems his son, Saif was caught, the very next minute he appears on national TV and speaks to the international media! So, be reminded all news cannot be true and accurate all the time, they forgot the very important factor of reporting – “verification of news and reports before sending out in the air!” What a shame, it shows that the so-called 3 most powerful western media is also half past 6!

With the ever famous victory celebrations and firing of weapons up into the air, without realising that the bullets or rounds needs to come down, maybe hitting, presumably some other people’s head or bodies, not theirs, that is what they think!

That is one part of the story – the rebels or rather freedom fighters, making up of the many different tribes and factions, they have all looted the Palace of Qadhafi and ripped off brand new modern weapons, still wrapped in boxes and plastic for free.

Who is there to ensure that they do not end up shooting each other when things are not right latter, who can guarantee it will be handed over peacefully once the final battle is all over and done with?

The idea of sharing power and wealth is a very dicey thing that all of us know, just look at Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and look at the newly freed states the likes of Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan. The killings are still ongoing, only god knows when it will be all settled finally!

Then there is the interested parties sitting on the side-lines lining up & waiting to pledge total support for a new in-coming government, off course this countries all have a very big stake there inside of Libya – OIL! They have invested mega bucks previously, they want their money back with return of interest as well.  The Western allies ( USA & EU) all have agendas, even the East this time is involved, China  and Russians too.

Otherwise, Why would NATO and US spend mega bucks bringing down Qadhafi? How many billions spent for the past 6 months by these forces applying pressure onto the regime!

So it is just another game – winner takes all, Qadhafi is gone finally defeated, belittled, shamed, but I would say let’s wait and see how he will eventually  end up!  Some say he is already safely in another country given absolute asylum and security, others say he still is in Tripoli, yet others assume he is taking cover in his hometown Village, called Sirte! All the smart intelligence agencies are plying a guessing game. Will the superpowers pay big money again to track him down and hunt him like what they did to Saddam & Osama? We shall all wait and see, that is a sure thing we will all know!

His son, Siaf said he is still in Tripoli, are we to trust and belief him at all, he mentioned a night ago, before they stormed inside the fortified palace that his troops have broken the rebels will to fight, and yet we saw on TV that the palace was already empty and deserted, all of them ran like RATS! Even discarding their uniforms which they were so proud to don at one time, I really wonder where are all his “lovely lady bodyguards”!

I am not for or against the whole episode, neither can I be taking sides of the rebels or supporting the NATO actions, but one thing is for sure, I do not accept EVIL DICTATORS running and ruining a peaceful and lovely country. NEVER!

Whatever he has done in the past he will pay for it for sure, however and whatever happens to him, it is all fated that way, he chose that path and therefore he pays for whatever he had sown for 42 years at the helm of his leadership. Be reminded he as a very young military officer (only 26 yrs) he was brave enough to plan and execute a coupe to toppled the then ruling KING! No mean feat at all, he has guts and will I would say, moreover he had supporters and those who believe him at that point of time.

Too much power and too much control and that eventually went up to his head, he became obsessed and that was his down fall & biggest let-down! His antics and habits are a thing which we will all miss watching everywhere he goes, colourful in his dressing and extravagant in his receptions and parties for dignitaries and world leaders! His love to splash around second to no one else in this world, he was virtually living like a KING indeed, he disposed one and made himself the NEXT! 

Some African nations still loves him dearly, for he was very gracious and threw a lifeline to many desperate leaders in the region with his oil wealth and assisted them to rebuild their flagging economies. He was and still is their saviour no matter what he does, that is loyalty and gratitude at its best, no matter what happens, even if he kills his own citizens! Can we take that or try to understand it at all!   

This is truly a strange world we all live in, next will be Syria, on the verge of another bloody civil war, the West has already sanctioned them, it is just a matter of times he has to go! The leader is facing international condemnation and extreme pressure to step down/aside for the good of everyone, but he is defiant, obviously.  Just like the Yemeni leader, was shot at, blasted at and almost killed yet wants to remain in power!

Well, I guess power is addictive, it is a very potent DRUG, without it one will collapse and just DIE!


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