Evil Games

August 24, 2011

Yes this is the case of evil versus evil. They started as friends and buddies at one time, each helping another to become very powerful and very rich, some became super rich, which they never could imagine. Their wildest of dreams all came through just with a wink of an eye, no need two eyes. Everyone was happy and contented, whilst the going was good – economical stability and growth at its best. The public was happy with all the goodies given and with plenty to spare.

As they always say – all good things and bad ones must END on fine day. There is no goodness forever or badness for that matter perpetually.

When things aren’t going right, that is where the real “friendships” & “loyalty” are tested and pushed to the limits. When times are good everyone laughs and sings and makes merry.

But all this changes when the shit is just about to hit the fan and the bubble just about to bust!

Are we now right in the midst of this scenario which is very scary for many and much worst a nightmare for many more?

The question all is asking…is it going to happen…is it going to crumble and fall….are we done for? Can we escape…isn’t there an option…can’t we negotiate….can there be an amicable solution…a win-win ending….does it all have to end this “way”!

All those who were once buddies and friends cannot be seen as siding each other, everyone is securing their own interest first and last. Nobody cares who falls all except themselves that is.

So, what do we have, is everyone going to blurt out the truth of the matter, and to play a safe game and secure a personal license to live at least for another day and not get holed!

It is all a game – Vicious Game when all the players at one time had to play it, just like a team, just like in soccer….it is more than just the 1st of the 11 players, we need reserves, managers, coaches, physio, kit man, bag man, doctors, water boy, agents and last but not least the loyal fan clubs.

So in Politics its’ no different at all – the complete team must be there, “all for one and one for all”, that is just good when they are in good terms. After that every man for himself again when all hell breaks loose!

Who wants to back a dying & lame horse, a sinking ship or a lame duck, they must be crazy and out of their minds, politicians plays for keeps and they are not willing to play with or be part of a losing team.

This is where loyalty counts – if that word is understood by them. We can see many making moves way ahead of time, just too early and some would wait and see, just others wait for the very last minute!

Then again there are those who are willing to spill the beans and save themselves and put the blame on others, find willing black-sheep (kambing hitam) and scapegoats ( sacrificial lambs). 

When the going gets tough – some gets going and others are done for! This is what we may be seeing pretty soon, when the tide turns and they start abandoning ship and jump ship! Not only that they will deny all wrong doings, they will conveniently put all the blame on others and deflect all questions and accusations thrown at them, the infamous words: “I don’t remember saying, asking & directing”!

There will be “a willing few”  who is going to be sacrificed for the good of the many, these lambs are so scared and willingly accept all damages for the sake of the majority. How nice and noble indeed. But then again they have been assured of a happy ending, there is a “brokered deal” secretly behind the scenes. You help me I will surely HELP YOU!

How many guilty parties will ever be punished and how many more others are going to get away Scot free? This is the irony of things in this world! Or the worst case scenario, they start taking sides and pitch against each other, each trying to outdo the other, and see who blinks first!

This is called – offensive counter attack, who gets defeated and bites the dust eventually, just too bad, it is a going for broke case, everyone knows each other’s “dark secrets of the past and dealings & wheelings” very well indeed. The secrets are well within them all. They know each other’s bag of tricks and know each other’s weaknesses too well, just a matter of using it, exposing it and calling the card to be played only. 

When times are good and pickings damn good one & all is happy making hay, when crunch comes to punch, you never know who will be your biggest villain! The question here is, are they daring enough to bare it ALL, spill it all out, for all will be opened up like a big can of worms and god forbid many, many heads will ROLL for sure! 

Just like the Mafia, when the game is broken or rather over, many, many heads lie around town everywhere, every alley, street, nook and corner, mind you headless bodies as well.

Well what is all this, but merely a Game – it is called  “Survival of the Fittest”, those who cringe and wink will be defeated & will be losers and the real diehards and hard-cores, who have no ethics or rather merciless, heartless will prevail and fight on another opponent on another day. 

When the times comes friends turn towards friends and they become enemies, as the old saying goes in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies, just alliances for convenience only.  That’s why we have “marriage of convenience and a partnership with same objectives”, not loving or dying for each other in a single embrace of death so to speak, literally. Till death till us part!

Then we have teams, many teams inside a team itself, just to make sure that one is always with the correct & most winnable team and likable team for security and safety, more so future advancement and progression as well. So we have altogether enemies from the outside team, inside team & other teams!

Can’t help but must resort to buying protective vest and bullet proof shields to protect oneself from many direct and indirect hits, which could destroy. It is called a team within a team, this strategy has been around for some time, many teams fell because it did not have the absolute power of control over things that matters most.

So the control mode is also very critical and important, who is controlling “what” and who itself, this is a matter of life and death! Wrongly played and if it backfires the damages caused will be scary and un-repairable for ever and ever!  

The battle for the priced crown is right now, no turning back for some, they will used all means, methods, spies, double and even triple agents to do the bidding, one can never tell who they really all are, your guess is as good as mine. Who is the real boss of the bosses and who is he reporting to, who is he loyal to and who is a real friend. All thrown in, it makes the game much more interesting and intriguing to watch and witness.

Just like a high stakes poker game, who can really play on without winking, showing signs of weakness and trembling with fear and guilt and of course face the final outcome. Some hands are shaking, legs wobbly, body shivering and head spinning. But most of all who can call a bluff and still win hands down. That would be the absolute winner! The master of the game, the grand master so to speak. 

If one is in a survival mode, and it means eating your best friend or buddy to stay alive, would you be able to do SO? He the best friend is already dead and gone anyways, can one really eat his own friend just because he wants to live? Here goes the ethics and ethos of all humans, when the time comes who is behind us and who will defend us and die for us, no matter what.

Or is it a Dog Eat Dog World out there really, and it reality it has happened before! Will it be the same this time, the ship is said to be sinking fast and furious and plans have been made to dump the Captain and jump ship, what is worst he and he alone by himself  will be fighting a lost uphill battle against the might of his own friends and buddies at one time! Sad isn’t IT!

The shipmates all one by one, are planning to make their move, drawing new lines on the sand and shifting themselves, forming new alliances and pledging loyalty to new bosses. Is this also something new, discard the old rag doll and wasted plus soiled linen and get a new bride, young, pretty and adorable at its best!

That is why it is called an evil game – win or lose, the fate is sealed, losers face the music and the winner takes ALL!

Just like Manchester United, they broke so many hearts, who gave them any hope that they will have a chance to hold aloft the priced trophy or rather trophies again in 2010, but to no avail the other teams could not beat them, MC made them all eat dirt instead!

That is the game! It is evil, there is no place for runner-ups or seconds! Glory is in the winner!

We shall see who wins this time, since the new season has just kicked off and started. Will there be a new champion by next year! We shall all wait & see.


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