LONDON – Protest

August 10, 2011

Yet again we have now a new scenario in London itself, why the violence and the madness, is it race, religion, economy, or others! Even a combination of all?

This is a new development or is it a bomb waiting to explode and implode? How many times we have seen that any country which is multi-ethnic and multi religious is not easy to manage, it takes patience, understanding and clarity of the head and heart to a peace everyone and everybody. We cannot simply take things for granted and wish the best remains as it is.

The  divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, is not easy to handle, if the government of the day shuts its ears, eyes and heart, to really address the REAL issues properly and sincerely, without any fear or favour. Humans do not react drastically and desperately if the are not pushed to the wall, cut off, deprived and left out, whilst others flourish and prosper.

The social divide gets deeper and wider with the current trend and economics, not only in Europe and the West but it is everywhere. When the markets are controlled by the few, rich and powerful, the others will suffer ultimately for sure. There will be more turmoil and troubles when the human is hungry and obviously gets very angry!

Asian and African as well as Mid East nations are no different, they have suffered much more longer and earlier than the West. This will not go away any time soon, if people continue to think about themselves and their endeavour to become ‘super rich’  whilst others can all die of hunger. They forget almost 70% of the world is poor, how can people afford to buy and consume food when they do not have any means to do so. One can produce and sell, who is then to buy the goods when it is out of their means & reach?

The world must turn around now, we have strayed far away from what we are supposed to be!

As normal humans – we need all the common needs such as shelter, basic food and security & warmth! 

But the world is spoilt now – humans are never satisfied, they want luxuries and enjoyment, that is the price we pay for all the un-necessaries of this world, wasting of resources, time, effort and destroying the environment. It is because of all these that the world is suffering a shortage of everything, including fresh clean water & air to breathe!

The human greed can never be tamed and stopped!

If only humans take a step back and see how people and previous civilizations came up, became strong and powerful and finally crumbled and collapsed eventually also.


Do we need to eat 10 times a  day? Do we need so much food? Why are we always throwing away food whilst millions are hungry and dying for it! We even contaminate our own food by adding unnatural substance and poison to make it grow faster and bigger!  We see them destroying the food when the market price is not RIGHT, rather than giving it away to the poor & hungry, how unthinkable can a human be!


We waste so much of water everyday, everywhere and it does not stop, we take things for granted, the day will come when the world will fight for clean drinking water first, not food! We even pollute them as well, that is the worst of all! Factories and plants are the biggest culprits. They do not bother about others as long as they make their money! All others can die, as long as they live, not knowing when others all have died who is to buy their goods and services/products!

Just the 2 very basic requirements of each and every individual human where ever he may be in this mother earth, yet we are in big trouble trying to solve this situation, millions will continue to die and the whole world just stares and let it happen, helplessly!

GREED – the mother of all CRIMEs!



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