August 7, 2011

The US always gets overly excited every time an incident happens, may it be in Afghanistan, Pakistan Iraq or Iran. With hundreds of thousands of soldiers spread around the world to maintain world peace, what does one expect? We can’t be having zero defect and also zero casualties, war is a dirty word and a bad thing to be “involved in”! If not willing to take on casualties and face death do not think of being involved at all.

The world has seen endless and needless death, destruction and suffering for almost 30-40 years non-stop ever since the WW II ended, and the Cold War ceased. Does it make any difference if INNOCENT peoples are bombed, shot at, hit my drones, missiles, land mines and whatever arsenal you can think of! What about them and their lives, aren’t theirs precious also? Or are we saying only well trained and well equipped US soldiers are more valuable to this world! As a soldier he knows very well the day he enlist as a GI his job is “To KILL or Be KILLED”!

There is no soldier in this world that likes WAR and loves Killing – unless they are inhumane!

How many millions of lives has been wasted and destroyed because of the wars, turmoil, civil wars, conflicts, uprisings and strife and what have you over the years, the indirect causes as well, when countries collapsed and famine and other sickness and diseases kills them all as well.

So what is just 31 soldiers death and KIA a big deal and shouting about that needs sympathy and condolences, from around the whole world, aren’t they aware they have been the major contributor to ‘world disorder instead of peace’, ‘destruction instead of development’, when they bombed cities to smittens? The inhumane bombings which happen in the likes of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq? Why haven’t the international community condemn these actions of “VERY MASS DESTRUCTION”.

Why aren’t they being hauled up to the International War Crime Tribunal at all? Iraq was reported and confirmed to have WMD! Till today the world knows US and UK lied to all of humanity, and yet nobody takes any affirmative action to punish them, what about the lives of the millions of innocent souls, aren’t they humans, or just names and numbers if they aren’t US-Yankees and UK-Mad Dogs!

This world is blinded by this 2 terrible murderers and killers par excellence!


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