August 6, 2011

If there is a possibility that things can be discussed and talked through in a humane manner in the confines of four walls, with soft drinks, hot coffee and tasty cookies and in a nicely lit air-conditioned rooms readily available, one would still insist to turn to the STREETS instead!

This is what has happened in this world, where leaders are all lost in their dreamland that everything is well and under control in their respective countries. One can call it the Arab Spring or whatever tide they can call it, the fact remains that the people is the real power, in any circumstances any government for that matter; Liberal, Conservative, Marxists, Communists or Democratic. They choose the leaders to represent their interest and to voice out their grievances.

But if the leadership and representative refuse to do their jobs, what choice do they as stakeholders have, after tabling out, voicing out, letting out, speaking out and shouting out to deaf ears? The people who voted these SO CALLED leaders HAVE turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all these complains and sorrows faced by the populace.

When food, necessities and life becomes tough and intolerable, compounded by corruption, abuse of powers and endless scandals, the time for change is really ripe, so to speak. Can the general public be blamed for taking to the streets and voice their frustrations, when other means and all else and avenues have failed completely.

Governments are not gods, far from being perfect, and is not infallible, so lets’ take a good look at things carefully, when people die without good reasons, when money is lost without reasons, when money is wasted just like that, and worst of all, guilty parties are set free and the innocent detained, charged and jailed. Is not that totally absurd and abusive? Can the public just accept it and not voice any concern at all, as though nothing is wrong?

How far does the government want the people to trust them and belief in them, accept them in total blind faith and loyalty. Is not that incredible and ridiculous? With the invent of the Internet and the electronic media no amount of truth can be hidden and no lies can be spun to glory, the truth shall and will always prevail eventually.

Does the public think it Is manipulated by others to do so, well some feel strongly about it, some others are victims of circumstances ( maybe their own family members are simply victims of the state) in one way or the other they have to voiced their concern about things, for they are the affected party ultimately.

Street demos are nothing new and will never go away, even in Medieval times they did it, against Kings, Lords and unjust rulers and tyrants! Do they fear persecution and even death? I think the answer is a resounding NO! Many have been maimed, shot at, killed and they continue to belief it is worth the sacrifice, for their families and future of their own kind. It is a noble gesture some say but others may say it is just stupidity!

The reason is simple, if the government of the day or leader sits down and listen to the sad stories and takes note and thinks about it carefully and reacts accordingly, come out with a solution and solve the problems, will the public still – COME OUT ALIVE AND SHOUT & PROTEST IN THE STREETS?

So, do we have a choice and does the government want to be heard and do the right thing for the sake of one and all, or forever face the wrath of the people till things are changed and the rights of the people RESEPECTED, Granted and Assured.


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