The Ramadhan

August 2, 2011

With just only 2 days of Ramadhan we have seen sone funny stories flying around town.
The TV8 ad on fasting and going to the Ramadhan Bazaar, such a bizarre clip, what is wrong with our society anyway?
There is some truth to that clip, lets not deny it!
Some folks are just too sensitive and yet others, not sensitive enough!
Every year I try not to visit these places, reason being there is too much to see and eat, fasting is abstinence or not to over do things and get into the over indulgence trap.
There is always a person who just can’t wait to go home and chom on the goodies, and there we go they eat right away in front for all to see, these are the not sensitive enough groups ( we know they do not fast ) but showing some wee bit of respect to others does make things better!
On the other hand, it is a free society and free country, one can do as he/she pleases!
So, what are we to do, education may be the only answer, I guess. How much of educating is enough, one may asked!
We are really a stuck in the MUD situation.
So lets pray we become more tolerant and please practice self restrain at best we can.
Can we tell them nicely we can live together.


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