Why they turn corrupted?

July 1, 2011

This world is facing a grave and great disease of total leadership collapse. From the Middle East, North African states and even the Red China is not spared as put forth by President Hu Jintao conceded that “the whole party is confronted with growing pains,” warning that many party officials were “incompetent” and “divorced from the people”.

“It is more urgent than ever for the party to impose discipline on its members,” he said.

The practice of securing lucrative party and government positions through connections and backroom deals is considered to be widespread.
Chinese President Hu Jintao warned the ruling Communist Party faced severe “growing pains” as it turned 90 on Friday and said corruption, and alienation from China’s masses, could erode public support.

Does it sound any different from any other country we know in and around our region? Thus the most dirty word used is “CORRUPTON”! It is a disease of the heart actually, when leaders turn a blind eye to outright corruption by its party members and state government officials!

They want free lunch and free treats, corruption takes form in a million and one way and means, from free holidays for families, free shopping, free trips, free women/wine/dine. They will wait for you ahead of any trip abroad and ensure you stay the best hotel, travel first class, shop at the best outlets and enjoy the best they can offer, all free of charge! Do not mention rounds and rounds of Golf, fine Wine and good looking girls off course.

They then work on securing important contracts and approving plans for their friends and gets kickbacks and grease all the hands along the way. The big players make sure the real Boss is taken care off, anything he wishes is signed off, no questions asked.

When they get free-bees so easily they get addicted, just like heroin junkies, they can’t live without it. It is a disease alright and does not easily gets cured, so many cases are pending and some will never be solved and find any end to it, it involves a string of top notch leaders as well. How can they ever clean up the acts, who wants to take the fall, the consequences are just too great, therefore they resort to covering up all those dirty tracks!

How? They do think twice to do the unthinkable at all, even snuffing out peoples life, yes indeed, there is no limitation to how to keep one’s self out of jail. They will stop at nothing, that is why the word “corruption” is real bad in the Islamic Laws! We hang those that are corrupted!

It creates hardship for the masses and creates heartache for the poor, as they gets poorer and the super-rich becomes much richer! It is a disease of the heart, because the heart over rides the man/women good thinking senses and rationale of the brain and becomes corrupted, the heart over-ruled the head!

It is not going away any soon, all the problems caused by this disease has caused regimes and great nations to fall. It will continue to do so. The poor souls who has nothing to worry and nothing to look forward to will rise and off-course make the changes they all so desperately want. They are not afraid of dying, getting hurt, getting jailed and even totally maimed! Because they have nothing more to loose!

Just a while ago, the Bank Negara fiasco was revealed, money changed hands for the contract to be approved for printing “plastic notes”, when can we come clean? There are yet so many more waiting and cases pending! Just too many to be named!

Hopefully they learn a lesson or two about why people choose to rise and take things into their own hands, literally! Changing the system they no more trust and believe, a system which divide the society and destroyed families, homes, lives and the nation! Poverty and a sense of hopelessness is a very powerful driving force for people to wake up and take actions!


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