The Ouster

July 1, 2011

This is just a story for one and all to figure out! It has nothing to do with any human either dead or still alive! Just a story!

Lets’ say if A is in trouble, he has more than he can ever handle, with pass records and evidence to incriminate him one day@! His days will surely be numbered if the others who fully knows about it wants to use it against him! This is called “Blackmail” to some and others say its politics! His position is being eyed by somebody with ambitions, lets’ call him “B”, he waits patiently for his turn, and then he gets impatient and wants to make a move! He draws out his sword slowly, not drawing undue attention, but start cutting the cake.

He starts throwing things around, opening up secret boxes and begins to move so to speak! Just to make the other party shake-y and worried. Bit by bit secrets are released, to make the other party look BAD.

Mr B. will make his move and conduct his “kill” when all conditions and situations are ideal, when the enemy cannot run, hide or defend himself anymore! This is called tactics and strategy! Who is behind it all, who is the parties involved, who stands to gain MOST and who are the others that will also gain? You help me & I help you Lah!


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