June 30, 2011

It was a year a lot of folks would not want to remember and yet cannot find a way to forget about it. The towns and cities were all tensed, especially in KL, the heart of the capital!
Asked any folks may it be Malay, Chinese, Indians & others that saw, felt, heard and encountered the incidents that really happened!
No country can be turned upside down IF not for a few power hungry and emotional leaders, who only have their Big Egos to play with FIRE, and it will cost other peoples LIFE!
The ARMY was deployed, because the Police could not cope with the outbreak of killings, executions, vengeance and revenge! Meaningless lives were lost!
Until today there is no closure for many folks who lost their LOVED ONES! All races lost what they once had, peace, security and most important TRUST!
If the powers that be cannot manage this, History will repeat itself, if they do not learn anything that happened that fateful day 42 years ago!
I pray that God intervenes soon enough to stop this MADNESS, humans will turn into worst then ANIMALS, they will lose all sense of being humane!


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