June 28, 2011

What does it mean to read & write? Is it because we want to express ourselves or look into what we really are, or even want others to agree or disagree we us?
Or we want others to realize that this is the reality of our lives and of this world. The sadness, struggles, agony, sufferings and turmoil the human endures just to stay alive and breathe.
This world needs love, compassion, empathy and most of all to be understood! There are billions who are just scraping through, while there are still others throwing away riches and wasting from food, water, clothes and their very own lives.
It is an irony of sorts, when the world faces droughts, famine and hunger while others destroy their crops and burn the food to keep the market demand high, how can humans ever think of doing that, it boggles my mind!
Is it self-serving, selfish and just in humane.
There are wars which have no meaning, killings of the innocent children, selling of humans and human parts. Humans are suffering like there is no tomorrow and unending turmoil around this world. Have the humans lost their senses and head?
Why do humans like to see others suffer whilst they create more hardships? Are they humans anymore, denying the fundamental rights of another fellow human being? How can they live a dignified life in this world, have they lost they hearts? Or Are they all born heartless peoples.
So we write about the realities of these sufferings, the screams which are not heard and we try to become ‘their voices of innocence & their heartache! In the hope that we will be heard and things will become better with positive reactions and hopefully changes does happen.


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